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Opinion: Bornali Bhandari and Laxmi Joshi.  Small farmers lack access to tools, as the tractor-dominated farm machinery sector suffers from demand, supply constraints India is simply not producing the sort of farm machinery that our small and marginal farmers want or can readily use at a price which appeals to them. Farm machinery comprises equipment...   Read More


  • A raw deal for small and marginal farmers

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit After the agitation on the Farm Bills one expected that the Budget would not include any more reform agenda. But this has happened and the allocation within the line item do not exhibit major changes. However if one looks at the size of the pie for small and marginal farmers in the Budget...   Read More

  • More policy support is needed to help MSMEs navigate the economic distress

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya K Sahu & KS Urs While the good news is that business sentiments are recovering across firm sizes there seems to be the emergence of a bimodal distribution of business sentiments in MSMEs versus large firms. The dual impact of demonetisation and the inefficient implementation of the Goods and Services...   Read More

  • Business Sentiments in Manufacturing versus Services during Coronavirus Times

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya K Sahu & KS Urs We use the quarterly NCAER Business Expectations Survey (N-BES) to understand the differential impact that the Coronavirus pandemic had on manufacturing versus services.  In the process we understand the challenges that the sectors faced along with their different coping strategies. Our data comes from surveys...   Read More

  • Dr Shekhar Shah speaks at the World Bank’s Live Event, “Sustainable Development Goals — The Data Story”

    The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the need for better data to inform response and recovery efforts leveraging the complementarity of public and private sources. Following the recent launch of the World Bank’s SDG Atlas this event convened partners to discuss how the World Bank can improve data literacy and call attention to the...   Read More

  • Reluctance to take Covid-19 vaccines could hinder achieving herd immunity sooner

    Opinion: Santanu Pramanik and Sonalde Desai  The beginning of the vaccination programme suggests that the end is in sight. How quickly we reach the goal post depends on how well prepared we are as we enter the race. At the nation begins its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through a massive vaccine rollout the entire focus...   Read More

  • A potentially risky trade-off for markets

    Opinion: K.P. Krishnan Sebi's proposal on concentrated holdings could disrupt the balance between the supervisory and business roles of stock exchanges. On January 6 the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) released a discussion paper on the review of the current ownership and governance norms regulating stock exchanges and depositories. Market infrastructure institutions (MIIs) such...   Read More

  • Recapitalization of state-owned banks: Privatization should do it

    Opinion:  Sudipto Mundle India can fix its public-sector lenders by letting them raise enough equity capital to significantly reduce government control. As with the whole economy the covid pandemic dealt a severe blow to India’s banking sector which was already reeling under a huge burden of non-performing assets (NPAs). Stress tests reported in the Financial...   Read More

  • Alarming Decline in Child Nutrition Levels in India

    Opinion:  Anupma Mehta The COVID pandemic has understandably grabbed most of the Government’s attention becoming the single largest health focus in the country currently but as India moves ahead to deal with this challenge it would do well to simultaneously focus on the health of its most precious human resource its children. The year 2020...   Read More

  • Reality check: Why ‘benefits’ highlighted in Farm Bills aren’t feasible to implement

    Opinion:  Sanjib Pohit Multiple rounds of discussion on the Farm Bills do not convince the farmers to withdraw the agitation. The proponents of the Farm Bills seem to highlight the benefits. However in realities many of these are not feasible for an ordinary farmer. That is the reason for the continuous deadlock. It is the...   Read More

  • The case for a deeper democracy

    Opinion:  K P Krishnan There is a strong connection between bolstering democracy and achieving a better functioning financial system A great debate has surged in recent weeks in India about democracy and “tough” economic reforms. In the field of finance the main path of reforms is intertwined with deepening of democracy. This is what has...   Read More

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