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Opinion: Sonalde Desai: Population growth and the changing geographic and generational balance of power The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion on November 15, 2022. Our minds had barely wrapped around a global population of 7 billion in 2011, and now, only 12 years later, we are looking at a...   Read More


  • A social registry linking Aadhaar to residence info can target aid to the vulnerable during a pandemic

    Opinion:   Pallavi Choudhuri and Sonalde Desai Aadhaar linkages of individuals and bank accounts already exist. If residential information in the Aadhaar database can be efficiently structured this would allow for geographic targeting. The US Congress acted expeditiously in late March to provide relief on account of the COVID-19 to poor and middle-class individuals and to stimulate...   Read More

  • Is it preventing affordable healthcare?

    Opinion: Palash Baruah & D L Wankhar No one would have ever thought or anticipated that Covid-19 would shake the world to such an extent that it is impacting and perhaps changing and re-defining every aspect of our lives. It also proved that no country is invincible no matter how developed rich and powerful and it...   Read More

  • The integral world of finance

    Opinion: K P Krishnan Our goal should be to achieve a low cost of capital for Indian firms which calls for liquid and efficient markets accessible to all investors Many firms require capital in tiding over the pandemic. In recent months large amounts of portfolio capital have come into the country helping to fill this need....   Read More

  • How exporters can crack the EU market

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit Cutting logistics costs and complying with exacting European product standards will go a long way in boosting shipments India is the EU's ninth largest trading partner with 2.4 per cent of the bloc’s overall trade. Bilateral trade (in both goods and services) touched €115 billion in 2017. EU exports to India have grown...   Read More

  • Labor Market Responses of Firms to the SARS-CoV-2 Induced Economic Slowdown

    Opinion: Samarth Gupta Bornali Bhandari Ajaya Sahu and K S Urs A Retrospective on H1: 2020-21. In the September Quarterly Review of the Economy NCAER had forecasted that GDP would contract in H1: 2020-21 although the rate of contraction would moderate in Q2: 2020-21 compared to Q1: 2020-21.   In such times cost-cutting is a common response...   Read More

  • Why polls today are more about psychology and political economy than statistics

    Media News: Surjit S Bhalla & Abhinav Motheram  The more academic American Association for Public Opinion Research’s (AAPOR) postmortem report on the 2016 election polls recognised that state polls ‘clearly underestimated Trump’s support in the Upper Midwest’. India 2014. Britain 2016. The US 2016. India 2019. And now the US 2020. What do the above five...   Read More

  • India must export organic and value added horticulture products

    Media News: Tarujyoti Buragohain Dr. Tarujyoti Buragohain NCAER surmises that high prices of horticulture products due to lack of necessary infrastructure and quality are the major constraint for India in the export market. Moreover diversifying into organic and value added horticulture products may help improve export prospects. IBT: How have India’s horticulture exports progressed in the...   Read More

  • Lead Bank Scheme: Does organisational design matter?

    Opinion: Samarth Gupta The Lead Bank Scheme of the RBI involves a ‘lead bank’ in each district of India that coordinates financial services in the district and a ‘convenor bank’ in each state that monitors these activities of the lead banks in the state. Analysing quarterly district-level data on credit disbursement for 2004-2019 this article finds...   Read More

  • Market reforms: The unfinished agenda

    Opinion: K P Krishnan It's time to address the root cause of the 1992 stock market scandal - a conflict of interest in RBI's many roles The release of a recent Sony LIV series on the Harshad Mehta financial markets scandals that rocked India in the early 1990s has triggered chintanam on an event that...   Read More

  • The Need For Judicial Reforms

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit Informational asymmetry among consumers producers gives each economic agent an incentive to cheat. The latest NCAER’s (National Council of Applied Economic Research) forecast has indicated that YoY growth will remain negative through Q2 Q3 and Q4 at -12.7% -8.6% and -6.2% respectively. For the year as a whole 2020-21 GDP will decline by...   Read More

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