Handover Event for Transfer of G20 Presidency from Indonesia to India, and Bilateral Workshop with the Indonesian Think20 (T20) Chairs

30 Nov 2022

As India took over the G20 Presidency from Indonesia, the Government of India constituted task forces to address well-defined global problems in order to support G20 policymakers, and to aid business and civil society organisations in complementing the G20 policy efforts. The NCAER Director General Dr Poonam Gupta was selected as the Chair of the Think20 Task Force on Macroeconomics, Trade and Livelihoods, and NCAER as the host institution for this task force.

The task force will focus on promoting better coherence within countries on monetary and fiscal policies as well as stronger international coordination among nations, and also suggest ways to make them responsive to economic imperatives. It will also examine the inter-relationship between trade and investment policy and global supply chains, and how they are impacted and shaped by national macroeconomic policies.

The work streams falling under this task force would cover the following themes:

  • Monetary Synchronisation and Fiscal Space;
  • Trade, Investment, and Supply Chain Resilience; and
  • Economic Growth, Employment, and Livelihoods.