The NCAER Library is one of India’s premier research libraries in applied economics. Set up in 1956 when NCAER was established, the library represents a wealth of knowledge and has provided solid academic and research support for almost 60 years to NCAER’s researchers and to policymakers, consultants, students, and others from all over India and overseas. Since its inception, the NCAER Library has been building carefully crafted collections of online resources, books, reports, and other documents. It has taken a lead role in the digital preservation of these valuable scholarly assets.

During 2021–22, the Library added around 500 documents, taking its collection to over 32,200 volumes, 34,150 government reports, and 16,575 other documents. It also subscribed to data resources like the CEIC database, EPRFW time series, CMIE Prowess, and Consumer Pyramid. As of March 31, 2022, over 11.2 lakh digital pages have been uploaded on the digital repository of the NCAER Library.

The institution’s repository has been developed on an Open Source Software, DSpace. Its digital collection is now available on DSpace 5.4 XMLUI interface, which preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content. The Library has digitised NCAER’s extensive collection of published and unpublished reports, and also a series of Indian journals. It continuously invests in populating the repository ensuring that the research output of the institution is available for reference and study in the future. The Library also maintains a repository of collection of photographs, audio files, and other digital assets of the institution.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAER Library rapidly shifted to the remote delivery of services and resources, moving on to the online subscription of all the eminent newspapers and frequently used journals, and ensured that the database service providers offered multiple logins to research staff for remote access. Now, back to its physical space, the Library is actively participating in resource-sharing, joining hands with the libraries of other prominent institutions across the city to mutually help fulfil the information needs of users.

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