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Opinion: Sonalde Desai: Population growth and the changing geographic and generational balance of power The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion on November 15, 2022. Our minds had barely wrapped around a global population of 7 billion in 2011, and now, only 12 years later, we are looking at a...   Read More


  • The journey of economic reforms

    It involve a choreographed dance of multiple institutions and individuals over long periods. Opinion: Dr. K P Krishnan Today’s policy announcement is typically yesterday’s thinking. Policies like ideas are usually path-dependent. “Aarthikam Chintanam” or “thought(s) on finance or economy” is a monthly column that will explore the evolution of economic policy ideas in India. The media...   Read More

  • Transportation infrastructure needs a major push

    If India doesn’t smooth the kinks and create a world-class infrastructure it can kiss its $5 trillion economy dream goodbye Opinion: Dr. Devendra B Gupta and Dr. Sanjib Pohit Developing transport connectivity across the country has been the endeavour of the Government since 2014. Indeed this is essential if programmes like Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make...   Read More

  • The long road to recovery that lies ahead for India’s economy

    Loose monetary and fiscal policies can’t be sustained for long and we need comprehensive structural reforms to drive growth Opinion: Dr Sudipto Mundle The coronavirus death toll in India has crossed 50000 and is still rising though at a declining rate. The growth in daily deaths has slowed from 20% in early April to less than...   Read More

  • Covid-19 and the resilience of our household economy

    The study noted that 79% households reported a fall in income with 29% of them left with literally no source of income. Opinion: Prabir Kumar Ghosh and Sumit Kumar For restructuring the Indian economy we need to strengthen the household economy. The National Council of Applied Economic Research and the Nossal Institute for Global Health...   Read More

  • Absorbing the COVID shock

    Studies reveal households self-employed in agriculture or engaged in salaried jobs fared better those employed in informal sector. Opinion: Prabir Kumar Ghosh and Sumit Kumar COVID-19 has now started sneaking into the hinterlands whose contexts happen to be drastically different from the large metros where the fight against the virus has mostly been concentrated so far....   Read More

  • India’s population data and a tale of two projections

    The country’s demographic future will see peaking and then declining numbers driven by a sharp fertility reduction Opinion: Dr Sonalde Desai  A new study published in the highly regarded journal The Lancet and prepared by the Seattle-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has shaken up the world of population policy. It argues that while...   Read More

  • How efficient are our roadways?

    The NCR-Mumbai route tops in performance. NCAER finds harassment of truck drivers a major hitch across the routes surveyed Opinion: Dr Devendra B Gupta and Dr Sanjib Pohit The Indian economy is going through a difficult phase due to the Covid crisis. Most of the rating agencies have downgraded the economy. And with Covid slowing down...   Read More

  • Unfolding India’s Merchandise Trade Dynamics during Coronavirus

    Fall in income and depreciating exchange rate would have a dampening impact on imports demand while rising domestic inflation should have reverse impact. Opinion: Dr Prerna Prabhakar & Dr Bornali Bhandari Is a merchandise trade surplus of around USD 0.8 billion in June 2020 a first in 18 years since January 2002 a turning point in India’s...   Read More

  • COVID-19 outbreak sets new challenges to psycho-social issues

    The COVID-19 pandemic is preparing us to adapt to a diverse way of living with positives and major negatives that directly or indirectly affect our mental states Opinion: Sagari Sahu and Prabir Kr Ghosh  A recent study of the impacts of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Odisha and Uttar Pradesh was conducted by the National...   Read More

  • PM-KISAN is not reaching all farmer households as intended

    Given this uncertainty over the reach of PM-KISAN and its targeting the relevance of the scheme needs to be carefully evaluated during this period. Opinion: Dr Bornali Bhandari Dr Santanu Pramanik & Dr Sonalde Desai  The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) is the first universal basic income-type of scheme targeted towards landed farmers. It was...   Read More

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