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Opinion: Debasis Barik and Sonalde Desai. Janani Suraksha Yojana, launched in 2005, has helped reduce maternal and neonatal mortality by promoting institutional delivery. But the utilisation of antenatal care has been low. Creating government programmes to incentivise desired behaviour has a long history in development planning. Unfortunately we have no guidance on when success can...   Read More


  • Navigating the narrow passage between recovery and inflation

    Opinion: Sudipto Mundle The new MPC has done well but it would take game-changing reforms for our economy to regain its pre-covid trend growth The new monetary policy committee (MPC) which submitted its first report last Friday has started well. Faced with an unprecedented crisis a steep gross domestic product (GDP) contraction of 24% in the...   Read More

  • Don’t ignore the plight of divyangs

    In the Covid era physical distancing and isolation may be impossible to follow for those who rely on the support of others to eat dress and bathe Opinion: Soumi Roy Chowdhury & Sanjib Pohit  Disability is an issue which has been the least researched. According to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study disability ranges...   Read More

  • Rich farmers dominate farm protests in India. It’s happening since Charan Singh days

    The agriculture sector like large and medium industries of the Indian economy also needs a well-organised industry representation. Opinion: Indranil De and Sanjib Pohit India has a long history of farm movements. Surplus generated out of the Green Revolution made farmers a politically significant group. Chaudhary Charan Singh was one of the first to identify...   Read More

  • Farm reform laws open the market. Now, a regulator is needed

    The farm sector will attract private investment only if traders are assured that the govt will not put a constraint in their selling and purchasing price. Opinion: Dr Sanjib Pohit The outset the three farm Bills brought in by the Narendra Modi government seem to create a level-playing field in the farm sector. They empower...   Read More

  • Honour Jaitley’s grand bargain on GST compensation for states

    The Centre should uphold its end of the deal with states as it would not only be more efficient but also help foster federalism Opinion: Dr Sudipto Mundle The last thing India needed at this time when it is already facing crises on multiple fronts is friction in Centre-state relations. Yet relations between the Centre...   Read More

  • Deja vu on DFIs
    Deja vu on DFIs 16 Sep 2020

    The bank-led model of infrastructure financing is fraught with difficulties. But DFIs are not a quick fix. Opinion: Dr K P Krishnan It is reported that the government is working towards reviving Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) for funding infrastructure projects in order to address the rising challenges of infrastructure financing. In the past DFIs have...   Read More

  • Bearing Fruit: India’s growing horticulture edge

    Increased focus on horticulture crops will be a win-win formula: it will help increase farm income and support nutritional security Opinion: Tarujyoti Buragohain A remarkable but lesser-known fact about the National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is the crop diversification it has brought in.  The NHM a centrally-sponsored scheme was launched in 2005-06 with one of its...   Read More

  • Will there be a middle path for affordable COVID-19 vaccines?

    It is expected for COVID-19 vaccines to be classified as 'global public goods' given their development is being substantially funded by people's taxes Opinion: Palash Baruah and D L Wankhar  Unrelenting efforts to find a vaccine or vaccines to combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are currently underway across the world. There has earlier never been...   Read More

  • Controlling emissions: Explicit carbon taxation needed, indirect taxation doesn’t help

    Although India does not have an explicit carbon tax till date it has an implicit or de facto carbon tax in the form of a coal cess since 2010. Opinion: V P Ojha and Sanjib Pohit Low-carbon inclusive growth (LCIG) as a strategy has been the hallmark of India’s vision on clean environment. This strategy is...   Read More

  • The journey of economic reforms

    It involve a choreographed dance of multiple institutions and individuals over long periods. Opinion: Dr. K P Krishnan Today’s policy announcement is typically yesterday’s thinking. Policies like ideas are usually path-dependent. “Aarthikam Chintanam” or “thought(s) on finance or economy” is a monthly column that will explore the evolution of economic policy ideas in India. The media...   Read More