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Opinion: C S Mohapatra. Enhanced financial inclusion and financial literacy are crucial in empowering individuals to navigate financial systems, access credit, and leverage digital platforms effectively. Financial inclusion in India has traditionally been equated with the expansion of banking networks and the proliferation of bank accounts among the underserved. However, complete and effective financial inclusion...   Read More


  • How to disengage Indian economy smartly from China

    To reach self-sufficiency India needs to reduce Chinese imports. But it must do this in a way that does not violate WTO norms Opinion: Sanjib Pohit The India-China relationship is now at a nadir following border clashes in the Ladakh region. The ‘Boycott China’ war cry reverberates across India. Though it emanates mostly from common people...   Read More

  • Virus fear and logistical challenges curtailing economic activity in Delhi-NCR, new survey shows

    Daily wage labourers in Delhi-NCR were the most disadvantaged during the lockdown and are still finding it hard to find work. But even among the salaried class work participation rates remain far below pre-lockdown levels Opinion: Sonalde Desai & Santanu Pramanik As India’s economy limps back to life combating pandemic fears and fixing transport and logistical...   Read More

  • PDS can be extended to all till a vaccine is found for Covid

    Ensuring food security is critical at the juncture. Providing universal PDS is financially feasible as FCI has more stock than we need Opinion: Bornali bhandari   The NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy June 2020 has estimated that despite the ₹20 trillion Atmanirbhar Bharat package the economy in all likelihood will suffer from negative growth and...   Read More

  • River pollution, conservation: UP’s fishing community bears brunt

    Regulations of industrial municipal inflow in Ganga at the centre of pollution mitigation policies have dissociated rivers from riverine communities. Opinion: Soumi Roy Chowdhury and Nutan Maurya The quality of water in rivers Ganga and Yamuna did not improve despite four decades of pollution-mitigation measures. But they did within 10 days of the nationwide lockdown...   Read More

  • Demand stimulation, supply constraints and recession risks

    Placing money in the hands of people could help save lives as our economy looks set to shrink this year and possibly the next. Opinion: Sudipto Mundle The coronavirus pandemic reached India late giving us a chance to learn from the experience of countries where it had spread earlier. Drawing on that experience an unprecedented...   Read More

  • It’s not too late for governments to ensure that vulnerable get cash in hand for next few months

    India has disappointed itself hugely in the way it handled the migrant labour issue. Why is the government being so tight-fisted in its support for the poor? Opinion: Najeeb Jung and Sudipto Mundle Scenes of migrant labour returning home thirsty hungry and helpless shall be a scar on India forever. Images of men women and...   Read More

  • How chronic labour health could undermine India’s war on Covid-19

    Reverse migration is one side of the story. Workers with chronic ailments residing within States can also pose a risk Opinion: Palash Baruah and D L Wankhar  Labour as a factor of production is a valuable service rendered by a human agent in the production of goods and services. The outcome is generation of wealth...   Read More

  • Rethink logistics logically

    This sector has developed locally without following global standards.  Most players agree that setting standards and their voluntary adoption are the only way for reducing costs Opinion: Sanjib Pohit After the extended lockdown necessitated by the need to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the country the process of kick-starting the economy has...   Read More

  • Urban poor need better relief measures

    Surveys show that the govt’s support schemes do not reach such households. Direct cash transfers and universal PDS will help Opinion: Sumit Mazumdar Santanu Pramanik and Sonalde Desai   As details of the stimulus package recently announced by Nirmala Sitharaman begin to emerge it appears that there is a serious mismatch between the areas and groups...   Read More

  • Coronavirus relief package: Covid agri-reforms are half-baked

    If Bihar’s example is anything to go by simply repealing the APMC Act is not enough to benefit farmers. There is a need to move from notional to functional FPOs Opinion: Sanjib Pohit In the Covid-19 relief package finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has focused on a number of capacity building measures for the agriculture sector—such...   Read More