NCAER in the News

Opinion: C.S. Mohapatra. Policies have sought to promote participation in financial markets, but investor ignorance and negligence as well as fraudulent activities are impediments to growth. India’s financial sector has grown exponentially over the past two decades. One major contributor to this is the rising participation of private investors in financial markets coupled with digitalisation....   Read More


  • Vaccination: The $5 trillion question

    Opinion: K P Krishnan The answer to the question of how to vaccinate a billion Indians is perhaps to be found in basic economics. What is the most important health imperative as well as the most significant economic stimuli for India today? Unarguably it is Covid vaccination. We must remember that the story does not end...   Read More

  • South, North score on business sentiments

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya Kumar Sahu and K Subbaraje Urs The East’s low may worsen the regional imbalance as the second Covid wave rages on. The NCAER Business Confidence Index (BCI) a measure of business sentiments fell for two consecutive quarters in 2019-20:Q4 and 2020-21:Q1 on a quarter-on-quarter basis. After the lockdown restrictions were withdrawn...   Read More

  • Business sentiments and labour markets

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya Kumar Sahu and K Subbaraje Urs The Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns have had a significant adverse impact on jobs and livelihoods. Using 2006-2021 data from a quarterly survey on business sentiments this article examines fluctuations in firms’ hiring of temporary/casual and permanent workers across three major economic events –...   Read More

  • Judicial’ regulation at Sebi

    Opinion: K P Krishnan A mechanism to separate Sebi's judicial and executive powers is central to creating a regulator more in tune with the rule of law In 1748 the French philosopher Montesquieu proposed a form of government where powers were not excessively concentrated. The legislature defines what is forbidden in laws. The xecutive administers laws...   Read More

  • Indian states taking ownership of land records digitisation, up to govt to expand it now: Study

    Opinion: Charu Jain and Deepak Sanan The NCAER’s second Land Records and Services Index 2021 has found that states and Union territories have made considerable progress in digitising their land records and services over the course of one year despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Bihar and Odisha now offer the facility of a web portal to...   Read More

  • The post-pandemic economy needs a new fiscal policy framework

    Opinion: Sudipto Mundle Aiming for an absolute fiscal-deficit target rather than a ratio would let counter-cyclical stabilizers kick in automatically India’s second wave of the covid pandemic is advancing at a frightening pace. On the economic policy front a sharp contraction has upended the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act. As Arvind Subramanian and Josh...   Read More

  • Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy: Trends across states, over time

    Opinion: Soumi Roy Chowdhury Abhinav Motheram & Santanu Pramanik Delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccine against Covid-19 despite its availability is a key hindrance in achieving optimal vaccination coverage among populations around the globe. Using data from a Facebook survey – conducted in partnership with University of Maryland and Carnegie Mellon – this article explores...   Read More

  • Do away with flaws in energy policy

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit In recent years India has been increasingly focussing on augmenting its capacity of producing electricity from renewable energy. As of November 27 2020 38 per cent of India’s installed electricity generation capacity is from renewable sources — 136 gigawatt (GW) out of 373 GW. To some extent this push is due to...   Read More

  • Press Release: Poonam Gupta appointed as the new Director-General of NCAER

    National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) India’s largest and oldest economic think tank announces the appointment of Poonam Gupta as its new Director-General. NCAER is delighted to announce the appointment of Poonam Gupta as its next Director General. Poonam the first woman Director General of NCAER will succeed Shekhar Shah who has led NCAER...   Read More

  • How updated land records can help revive rural economy

    Opinion: Prerna Prabhakar With livelihoods affected during the pandemic the importance of land ownership for access to formal loans as well as government relief programmes became more evident. But the relatively poor availability of clear and updated land titles remains a hurdle. For a significant section of the rural poor land is both an asset...   Read More