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Opinion: Ajaya K Sahu and Bornali Bhandari. As India increasingly urbanises, it has become important to measure its economic parameters, not only at the aggregate level but also at the disaggregated level. The literature review suggests that there are differences across city tiers. However, we find that the current statistics simply do not capture the...   Read More


  • Squandering the gender dividend

    It is a national tragedy that women unable to find work are dropping out of the labour force If labour force survey data are to be believed rural India is in the midst of a gender revolution in which nearly half the women who were in the workforce in 2004-5 had dropped out in 2017-18....   Read More

  • The sum and substance of the jobs data

    Rising unemployment must also be seen as a function of rising education and aspirations The report from the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) is finally out garnering a lot of attention based on selective reading of tables and spurring partisan debates. In particular the staggering increase in the unemployment rate from 1.7% in 2011-12 to...   Read More

  • Manila Forum on Future of Work to host NCAER Director-General as one of the panelists

    Asia Society JPMorgan to hold forum on future of work A FORUM on “Rethinking the Future of Work to Promote Inclusive Growth in Asia Pacific” will hold on June 4 at The Peninsula Manila. Organized by Asia Society and multinational investment bank JPMorgan the event will form the last leg of the One Step Ahead...   Read More

  • How to measure water needs

    The value of a river will depend on a unique data-set to construct the water poverty profile and experts who can suggest future correctives say Soumi Roy Chowdhury Devendra B Gupta and Sanjib Pohit In India the discourse about  new pathways for development hardly focusses on water. The narrative generally centres on two things: First...   Read More

  • Repercussion of trade wars

    Revoking MFN and imposing punitive duties on Pakistan would hit the Kashmiri traders hard  Following terrorist attack on CRPF convoy in Kashmir Indian government has taken several steps to isolate Pakistan in international forum. Hitting Pakistan economically is of course a reasonable approach. On this front India has taken two steps: (b) abolish MFN status...   Read More

  • Now, fewer women voters

    What’s the use of India’s track record of holding regular polls if voting rights of half its population mostly women are compromised at the altar of an inefficient registration system? The over-riding discussion during this electoral season in India is obviously focussed on who will occupy 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in the capital and the...   Read More

  • Beaten, battered, brutalised

    Forget the streets women are not even safe at home. Gender violence indoors is akin to an elephant in the room. Still we lack a uniform redressal mechanism Recently the streets of Delhi witnessed an intriguing sight — hundreds of women marched on the roads brandishing huge replicas of belans (rolling pins) to protest against...   Read More

  • Everyone is afraid of data

    There needs to be robust infrastructure for official statistics so that governments do not suppress inconvenient truths. Over the past two weeks headlines have focussed on declining employment between 2011-12 and 2016-17; loss of jobs under the National Democratic Alliance government particularly post-demonetisation; and the government’s refusal to release a report using the Periodic Labour...   Read More

  • Yes to reservation, no to women

    Even as the Government is hastily drafting the quota Bill for the EWS section like most predecessors it has orphaned the Women’s Reservation Bill The recent Bill reserving 10 per cent quota for the economically weaker sections (EWS) among the upper castes has been intensively debated over its utility propriety and Constitutionality but discussions have...   Read More

  • Justice delayed is markets stymied

    In a market economy like India a strong judiciary is required for quick settlement of disputes Since the 1991 economic reforms India has improved tremendously in almost all economic indicators and is now one of the fastest growing nations in the world. Various economic policies of the current government have enabled the economy to move...   Read More

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