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Opinion: Bornali Bhandari and Laxmi Joshi.  Small farmers lack access to tools, as the tractor-dominated farm machinery sector suffers from demand, supply constraints India is simply not producing the sort of farm machinery that our small and marginal farmers want or can readily use at a price which appeals to them. Farm machinery comprises equipment...   Read More


  • Companies business confidence index grows 2.2% in June quarter

    Economic think-tank NCAER's business confidence index (BCI) registered a sequential increase of 2.2 per cent in June quarter of 2016-17 mainly driven by improvement in perception about economic conditions and financial position of firms in the next six months.   The increase in BCI was helped by improvement in sentiment in two out of its four components...   Read More

  • NCAER Companies’ business confidence index grows 2.2% in June quarter

    Economic think-tank NCAER's business confidence index (BCI) registered a sequential increase of 2.2 per cent in June quarter of 2016-17 mainly driven by improvement in perception about economic conditions and financial position of firms... The think-tank said BCI is developed on the basis of responses to four questions. Two of these are devoted to macro factors and the other two...   Read More

  • The dynamic nature of poverty

    We need to rethink social safety nets in India’s growing economy so that they can also focus on the accidents of life rather than solely on the accidents of birth. Sometimes the grand narratives of the Left and the Right do not seem to have any relationship with the lived experiences of ordinary Indians. For...   Read More

  • India needs to shed ‘hesitation of history in order to grow its exports

    As Subramanian argues India simply cannot get a sustained 8% growth without a significant export growth. (PTI) Though Brexit is the latest threat to globalization as chief economic advisor (CEA) Arvind Subramanian pointed out at the India Policy Forum Lecture on Tuesday the seeds of the destruction of the era of hyper-globalisation – exports-to-GDP rose...   Read More

  • Consumption-led model cannot give us double-digit growth: CEA

    NEW DELHI: The Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) to the Prime Minister Arvind Subramanian believes a solely consumption­led model of economic growth will not be able to sustain a double­digit growth rate in India. Speaking at the India Policy Forum 2016 organised by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) Subramanian said the new wave of...   Read More

  • Only exports can sustain 8-10% growth rate: Arvind Subramanian

    New Delhi: In the wake of developed nations moving away from globalization India should take the lead in pursuing the goal of open markets and develop an export­led strategy for strong economic growth as only domestic consumption cannot sustain an 8­10% economic growth over the medium term chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian said on Tuesday. Delivering the 2016 India Policy...   Read More

  • Export plan vital for sustained 8% growth: CEA

    Subramanian on Tuesday came out strongly in favour of the central government's Make in India campaign saying that an export­oriented strategy was essential for India to achieve an eight per cent annual growth trajectory on a sustained basis. On the impact of Brexit on the Indian economy Subramanian said while it would impact growth in the UK and...   Read More

  • Tackling poverty in India: Jobs, not transfers, the big poverty-buster

    The significant shift from farm work to non-farm sources of income accelerated the decline in poverty in India. Non-farm jobs pay more than agricultural labour and incomes from both were propelled by a steep rise in wages for rural unskilled labour. While lower dependency rates and transfers — from remittances and social programmes — have...   Read More

  • How women marry in India

    A significant share of women in the country get married without even the most basic forms of communication with their to-be-spouses before their wedding day Indian women may be shedding their clichéd demure image but when it comes to matters of choosing life partners they still opt for the traditional conventional ways. According to the...   Read More

  • India Inc’s business confidence dips, reveals NCAER study

    Their survey index of firms dipped in JanApril to a 10quarter low; however political confidence measure rose India Inc's confidence in the economy and their businesses fell to a 10quarter low in the threemonth period ending April this year showed a survey of the National Council of Applied Economic Research. Their Business Confidence Index (BCI) declined to 121.6 points in the...   Read More

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