NCAER in the News

Opinion: Poonam Gupta and S Priyadarshini. The real growth rate of the Indian economy in the April-June quarter of 2023-24 (Q1, FY24), according to the latest data released by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), stood at 7.8 per cent. Market economists embraced this data as reflective of their own projections, and in line with their...   Read More


  • Make it the Indian way: Why the country must adapt to additive technologies

    If ‘Make in India’ is to succeed it needs to encompass ‘Make it the Indian Way’. It need not emulate mass production technologies fuelled in Detroit by massive capital investment or in Beijing by cheap labour. We are fortunate to be in a historic moment when the manufacturing sector is about to go through a...   Read More

  • NCAER suggests three-point strategy for better skilling

    India should adopt a three-part framework – acquiring matching and anticipating skills – for improving its skilling ecosystem an NCAER report said on Tuesday. NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research) is a New Delhi-based think tank. This triad of acquiring matching and anticipating skills should be integrated into almost all policies and programmes and...   Read More

  • Govt must set up commission for roadmap on 21st century skills: Report

    The government should establish a commission for 21st century skills to prepare a 15-year roadmap on transferable skills that can meet present as well as future demand from industries says a report. The report titled 'Skilling India - No Time to Lose' by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) notes that rigid labour...   Read More

  • We need a tech zoom lens

    Using forecasting techniques Governments and industrial organisations around the world have made estimates of various social and economic parameters such as growth of future labour force population size et al. India must not lag behind For the last decade or so the Government has been strongly encouraging the Indian firms to come up with indigenous...   Read More

  • Marriage by choice or convention?

    The most popular trend in the institution of marriage in India is a mix of a love and arranged match. Its implications need to be studied in depth It is said that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times but always with the same person. This idiom can be interpreted in different ways...   Read More

  • India’s worth as an investment destination

    The survey covered 1049 units in 20 states and Delhi ranking them on their investment potential based on the six major metrics.  The efforts towards improving the business climate started some years ago and deepened when the government’s flagship initiatives Make in India and Start-Up India took centre stage. The department of industrial promotion and...   Read More

  • Major financial model for minor ports

    Minor ports in India do not act as a growth engine unlike in developed countries. Mere development of infrastructure will not make them financially viable. Strategy must focus on creating economic epicentres around minor ports India has a coastline of 7500 km and is studded with 12 major ports and close to 200 minor ports....   Read More

  • What drives women over the edge?

    It’s troubling that women have a higher rate of mental ailments than men. The need is to guide them so that they can emerge from the inner recesses of conservative and patriarchal households Women in India have traditionally been perceived to be two-three times more vulnerable than men to mental ailments stemming from psycho-social factors...   Read More

  • An opportunity India must not miss

    Government’s biodiesel programme holds the potential of sustainable entrepreneurship development and meeting all three objectives of economic growth — social equity job creation and environmental sustainability The Government’s launch of a biodiesel programme represents a unique case for the development of numerous sustainable entrepreneurs employment generation empowerment of the subaltern masses by providing them ownership/occupational...   Read More

  • Biofuel Sector: A Missed Opportunity

    India though an early mover in the biofuel sector failed to embrace rewards from one of the safest and cleanest of energy sources. To tap this precious resource the Government has to formulate a new strategy After lying in limbo for a few years concomitant with low oil prices India’s biofuel sector made headlines recently....   Read More