NCAER in the News

Opinion: Palash Baruah and DL Wankhar. In communities where education is given greater importance & viewed as a gateway to success, households are more likely to allocate a larger portion of income toward educational expenses. Education is the cornerstone upon which nations build their future. It is the bedrock of social and economic growth at...   Read More


  • Is e-learning the best bet during lockdown?

    It’s less egalitarian than TV in delivering education. Net-based learning holds promise provided the digital ecosystem improves Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Charu Jain and Ajaya K Sahu   The NCAER Skills Report 2018 discussed the immense potential of online learning albeit as complementary to more traditional methods. In the current situation online education is turning out to...   Read More

  • NCAER launches second round of Delhi NCR Coronavirus Telephone Survey

    Survey asks what activities respondents would resume if lockdown gets lifted on May 4 The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) an economic policy research institute on Thursday launched the second round of Delhi National Capital Region Coronavirus Telephone Survey (DCVTS). The results of this second round will be released on May 2. “The...   Read More

  • Women the biggest losers

    Gender-based consequences of Coronavirus make it imperative for both the administration and social networks to ensure that the pandemic does not negate the gains of gender equality Opinion: Anupma Mehta Even after the conclusion of the first phase of the three-week nationwide lockdown imposed by the Government and its further extension up to May 3...   Read More

  • Telephone survey shows high understanding of social distancing, support for lockdown

    When asked about how many people they had come in contact with outside the house over the preceding 24 hours over 50 per cent responded that they had not come in contact with anyone. Opinion: Sonalde Desai and Santanu Pramanik With the nation in the midst of an extended lockdown to prevent the spread of...   Read More

  • NCAER releases findings of the Delhi NCR Coronavirus Telephone Survey

    The National Council of Applied Economic Research NCAER released the results of its first round of the Delhi National Capital Region Coronavirus Telephone Survey (DCVTS) on Sunday April 12 2020. The study conducted by NCAER’s National Data Innovation Centre uses a scientifically designed rapid telephone survey in both the urban and rural parts of Delhi...   Read More

  • Economic cost of the lockdown

    The Indian economy will face an income loss of Rs 1.7 lakh crore per week or a total of Rs 5.1 lakh crore during the three-week-long shutdown called by the Govt Opinion: Sanjib Pohit The pandemic COVID-19 has already affected over 1016395 people across the world and there have been 53238 deaths worldwide. Out of...   Read More

  • No more shifting goalposts

    As Coronavirus attacks the manufacturing sector  the Govt’s farm policy will have to be more consistent to help kickstart the economy Opinion: Sanjib Pohit In spite of the best efforts of the Government since 2014 manufacturing growth has not picked up in the country. It is not likely to do so in the near future...   Read More

  • Welfare schemes need tweaks to accommodate Covid-19 impact

    The schemes in place for essentials like food healthcare and income support should be appropriately modified to minimise economic burden on the affected communities. Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Our economic and social lives as we know it have been thrown in disarray. While some of the productive activity in the services sectors has moved to ‘work...   Read More

  • India’s spring fever: The Covid-19, restructuring of Yes Bank, and fall in oil prices

    The trinity of Covid-19 restructuring of Yes Bank and fall in oil prices amidst the current slowdown marks the onset of Spring Fever in India that we would rather not have. The trinity of factors has made a precarious economic situation worse. While the recent sharp drop in oil prices can act as a benign...   Read More

  • Governments need to move fast if we’re to stop the coronavirus

    That is our best hope to contain the viral outbreak and avert getting overwhelmed by a possible jump in the number of cases Opinion: Sudipto Mundle It is often said that India’s administrative system performs poorly under normal conditions engaged more in serving itself rather than the public but performs remarkably well—sometimes not always—when there...   Read More