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Opinion: Poonam Gupta and S Priyadarshini. The real growth rate of the Indian economy in the April-June quarter of 2023-24 (Q1, FY24), according to the latest data released by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), stood at 7.8 per cent. Market economists embraced this data as reflective of their own projections, and in line with their...   Read More


  • Go green, Calcutta
    Go green, Calcutta 28 Feb 2022

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit Hybrid trolley buses and trams are a way out Calcutta’s mayor Firhad Hakim announced that reducing the city’s pollution would be a priority. A significant volume of Calcutta’s pollution emanates from the transportation sector. With India setting its net-zero emission target for 2070 Calcutta’s transportation needs to be geared towards that goal. Calcutta...   Read More

  • Education should be priority, not banning of hijab

    Opinion: Sonalde Desai It is time for us to focus on empowering all women including Muslim women by ensuring their access to education employment and public safety. After two years of living behind a mask and trying to decode muffled voices and hidden expressions one begins to develop empathy for millions of women hidden behind face...   Read More

  • Does the Budget give a leg-up to agriculture?

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari & Ajaya K Sahu A marginal re-allocation of expenditure away from income support towards more productivity and employment enhancement schemes could have been adopted The agriculture and allied sector is going through a slow but dynamic change. Does Union Budget 2022-23 anchor the sector into its more dynamic growth path? The answer lies...   Read More

  • The Real Buzz behind the Fizz—The Truth about Alcohol Consumption in India

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit Anupma Mehta Samarth Gupta and Soumi Roy Chowdhury  The latest data on alcohol consumption in India is bound to cause a mental hangover unless the seriousness of the addiction at the national level is viewed with a clear rather than a befuddled mind. A report released in 2019 by the Ministry of Social...   Read More

  • State Financial Management Systems Are Bringing Checks And Balances To Public Finance…

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari and Pawan Kadyan The Covid-19 pandemic has brought public finances into the eye of the storm. Efficient and effective Public Financial Management (PFM) in the 21st century involves the usage of Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS). The key objectives of PFM are—“to maintain a sustainable fiscal position effectively allocate resources and efficiently deliver...   Read More

  • Unlocking India’s solar potential: Phased restrictions on solar inputs will allow redressal of land, labour & capital constraints

    Opinion: Prerna Prabhakar & Divy Rangan Budget FY23 has extended support to the solar energy sector on enhancing domestic production capacity with an additional allocation of Rs 19500 crore in the form of Production-Linked Incentives (PLIs). Budget FY23 signals fast-paced movement towards India’s renewable energy target of 450 GW by 2030 60% of which is...   Read More

  • How RBI’s status quo on key policy rates is appropriate for India

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta With the bond yields rising all around the world and credit rating agencies and foreign investors starting to discriminate across emerging markets laying down a fiscal pathway will help bolster their confidence in the strength of the Indian economy and in its key policy frameworks to yield stable policies for robust economic...   Read More

  • Crypto tax: A laudable move but government should engage in meaningful deliberations with stakeholders

    Opinion: Sudipto Banerjee To put the prevailing apprehensions at rest the Modi government should hold talks with all stakeholders both on the taxability of virtual digital assets and their future legal position in India Union Budgets are known for making news. With the recent Budget announcement India joins the league of nations that have brought cryptocurrencies...   Read More

  • Budget steers clear of drama in complex economic environment

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta While many observers had expected it to be an 'election budget' it turns out that it has skirted populism. It provides continuity in terms of adhering to the policy pathway this government has laid out in the last few years. Budget 2022-23 is a comprehensive and transparent budget reflecting confidence in economic...   Read More

  • Will a legally binding MSP deliver?

    Opinion: C Rangarajan & Shashanka Bhide Reliance on MSP alone won’t ensure food security or improve farm income. It must be backed by fair and competitive markets. The discussion over agricultural price policies has now been very extensive and the pressures for arriving at a key framework for such a policy has been intensified by the...   Read More