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Opinion: C S Mohapatra. Enhanced financial inclusion and financial literacy are crucial in empowering individuals to navigate financial systems, access credit, and leverage digital platforms effectively. Financial inclusion in India has traditionally been equated with the expansion of banking networks and the proliferation of bank accounts among the underserved. However, complete and effective financial inclusion...   Read More


  • Now is the time for policymaking aimed at insulating the Indian economy from global shocks

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta and Ayesha Ahmed The global environment seems to have turned less hostile as inflation rates have peaked in advanced economies and oil prices have stabilised at lower levels. So capital flows have started returning to India, the exchange rate is bouncing back and foreign reserves are being rebuilt. Year 2022 turned out...   Read More

  • Slow and steady is how India’s digital currency will win

    Opinion: Barry Eichengreen & Poonam Gupta India needs to adopt a cautious and informed approach to launching a full-fledged digital currency as the prevalent infrastructure may limit its potential benefits. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a commitment to issue a digital rupee in her Budget speech delivered on February 1, 2022. Although in the subsequent...   Read More

  • Monetary policy hostage to vegetable prices: PM’s advisory council member

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta; NCAER chief Poonam Gupta moots mechanisms to stabilise prices, buffer economy from shocks India’s economic growth is likely to be subdued in the coming year, but inflation will also subside partly due to monetary policy effects and partly due to base effects, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council member Poonam Gupta said on...   Read More

  • Why extending a swap line to India should be in the interest of Fed as well as RBI

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta; The likeliest benefit that India will draw from a swap line with the US is the ability to thwart any self-fulfilling speculation against its currency during a sell-off episode. India is unlikely to draw upon the swap line just as it has not drawn upon its existing swap line with Japan. Thus,...   Read More

  • A Financial Agenda for India’s G20 Presidency

    Opinion: Barry Eichengreen and Poonam Gupta; Modern international financial problems have been studied intensively since the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, and there is now a surprising degree of consensus among economists and policymakers. While the G20 may not be able to achieve much in a divided world, there is a well-defined and viable...   Read More

  • Faculty News: Recent Appointment of Professor Sonalde Desai

    NCAER Professor and Director of the National Data Innovation Centre at NCAER, Sonalde Desai, who holds a joint appointment as Distinguished University Professor at University of Maryland, has been appointed to a consensus study panel on “Women’s Empowerment, Population Dynamics, and Socioeconomic Development” of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the collective national academies...   Read More

  • Skilling in schools: How do we make Indian youth self-reliant?

    Opinion: Poonam Munjal and Asrar Alam Policies to encourage vocational education among youth, including NEP-2020, can gradually, effectively and schematically address the limitations in implementing them. The emphasis on inculcating vocational education among students at school level has been there  since more than three decades when India’s second National Policy of Education was put into ...   Read More

  • Handover Event for Transfer of G20 Presidency from Indonesia to India, and Bilateral Workshop with the Indonesian Think20 (T20) Chairs

    As India took over the G20 Presidency from Indonesia, the Government of India constituted task forces to address well-defined global problems in order to support G20 policymakers, and to aid business and civil society organisations in complementing the G20 policy efforts. The NCAER Director General Dr Poonam Gupta was selected as the Chair of the...   Read More

  • Learning to live together, all eight billion of us

    Opinion: Sonalde Desai: Population growth and the changing geographic and generational balance of power The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion on November 15, 2022. Our minds had barely wrapped around a global population of 7 billion in 2011, and now, only 12 years later, we are looking at a...   Read More

  • Air pollution is not just about PM10 and PM2.5

    Opinion: Soumi Roy Chowdhury & Sanjib Pohit: Exposure to nanoparticles, arising from both natural and man-made processes, can cause cardio and pulmonary problems Another winter and the discourse invariably turns towards air pollution in Indian metros, with a focus on Delhi. Increasingly, we come across studies that estimate the number of Indians who would die...   Read More