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Opinion: Sonalde Desai: Population growth and the changing geographic and generational balance of power The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion on November 15, 2022. Our minds had barely wrapped around a global population of 7 billion in 2011, and now, only 12 years later, we are looking at a...   Read More


  • Why despite being impacted by tapering, India doesn’t need to overly worry about the Fed decision

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta India should maintain an appropriate level of reserves avoid excessive volatility of the exchange rate and prepare banks and firms to handle greater volatility. In recent months tapering seems to have become the buzzword again.'Tapering' refers to the phenomenon when the central banks of advanced countries particularly the US Federal Reserve Board...   Read More

  • North-East can be a window for service export

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari With better transport and communication facilities this region has the potential to grow trade with bordering nations. The ‘Look East’ policy of 1991 gave way to the ‘Act East’ policy” of 2015. The objective of the latter is to promote economic cooperation cultural ties and strategic relationship with countries in the Asia-Pacikc...   Read More

  • Human resources & regulatory autonomy

    Opinion: K P Krishnan Statutory regulatory authorities need autonomy in staffing their organisations with specialists who have integrity and knowledge Newspapers reported recently the call of the chairman of the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) for a “standalone legislation”. NFRA is a relatively new regulator —largely invisible to the general public—constituted in October 2018 under...   Read More

  • Role of cooperatives in Indian economy

    Opinion: Saurabh Bandyopadhyay and Anupma Mehta  The NCAER recently undertook a study on cooperative agro-processing and identification of institutional financial lacunae in the cooperative movement The cooperative movement in India has regained focus after the Union Government recently created a Ministry of Cooperation to provide a separate administrative legal and policy framework for streamlining the...   Read More

  • What recent data says about how our economy is doing

    Opinion: Sudipto Mundle While some headline economic indicators suggest a recovery we must not overlook weaknesses in employment-intensive sectors and still-worrisome joblessness that point to persistent distress. The official estimates of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter (Q1) of 2021-22 together with other recent information enable us to form a fairly comprehensive...   Read More

  • Poonam Gupta, New Director General of NCAER, Speaks to PTI

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta My vision for the organisation is to make NCAER a leading think tank in the world where eminent researchers policymakers and entrepreneurs can gather to shape India’s development journey. 1. To begin with we would like to congratulate you for assuming the position of Director-General of an eminent institution like NCAER. What...   Read More

  • How to ease cross-border cargo movement

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit Relocate clearance procedures away from the border and partner countries must adopt well-established practices Of late India has been active in improving volume of trade flows through the land route with its eastern neighbours under the preamble of India’s Act East policy. With this in mind improving border management for faster movement...   Read More

  • Protecting consumers, the heart of finance

    Opinion: K P Krishnan Competitive markets in financial services are the best bulwark against consumer fraud in the long run. In the medium term omnibus and dedicated legislation could be the answer. In her Budget speech this year Nirmala Sitharaman announced several initiatives with a view to develop and deepen the country’s financial markets. This...   Read More

  • India’s looming water crisis and urgent measures to address it

    Opinion: Sudipto Mundle Water tables have fallen drastically and we need paradigmatic changes in agricultural practices for resource conservation. Our policies to ensure food sufficiency and assure farmers income have unfortunately also caused crop distortions that have led to excessive drawing of groundwater and its depletion. A disastrous water crisis has been creeping up on us...   Read More

  • Workplace as a Community: Businesses’ Response to the Market and Government Failures during COVID-19

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya K Sahu and KS Urs The 2nd Covid-19 wave rose sharply from mid-March and peaked on 9th May 2021 (NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy). The peak number of cases and deaths in second wave were four times higher than the peak in the first wave.  Daily deaths (7-day moving...   Read More

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