Gig work is a job, but not the job

16 Sep 2023

Nivedita V talks to Bornali Bhandari, Professor at NCAER about the gig economy, highlighting differences between part-time and full-time workers, as well as workers in different cities.

In this State of the Economy podcast, Nivedita discusses the world of gig workers and the challenges they face in obtaining social security. Joined by Professor Bornali Bhandari from the National Council of Applied Economic Research, the discussion sheds light on the complexities of defining and understanding platform workers in India. Professor Bandari unveils the unique characteristics of platform work in the Indian context, emphasizing the role of online labor intermediation in differentiating platform workers from traditional laborers.

The episode also talks about the recent report published by NCAER, which provides crucial insights into the gig economy. It explores how gig workers in India differ from those in developed countries and the implications for social security policies. The conversation highlights the transformation from trust-based to transactional contracts and the evolving concept of formality in the gig economy.

Professor Bhandari discusses the distinctions between active, inactive, part-time, and full-time platform workers, revealing their motivations and backgrounds. The study uncovers the reasons behind workers joining the gig economy and how their tenure affects their perspectives on this evolving employment landscape.

Published in: The Hindu Business Line, 16 Sep 2023