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Opinion: Sonalde Desai: Population growth and the changing geographic and generational balance of power The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion on November 15, 2022. Our minds had barely wrapped around a global population of 7 billion in 2011, and now, only 12 years later, we are looking at a...   Read More


  • Crypto-assets: To ban or not to ban?

    Opinion: K P Krishnan  Financial regulation is about striking the right balance between enabling innovation and ensuring customer protection. Cryptocurrencies or more correctly crypto-assets may be a nightmare for regulatory policy but they are a columnist’s delight! The number of op-ed words on this topic just in the recent weeks may now equal the purported...   Read More

  • Healthcare expenditure through the lens of Health Satellite Accounts

    Opinion: Poonam Munjal and Palash Baruah  The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The role of health as an engine of economic growth is not entirely unsubstantiated. Investments in health care lead to better healthier lives for...   Read More

  • Climate justice to net-zero emission: A change in narrative

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit  India needs to emphasise to the world where its scorecard is better than many of the developed countries who frequently lecture India on emission flows. Recently yet another COPs meeting was held in Glasgow. Compared to the low-key meetings in the last couple of years this year’s meeting seems to have ended...   Read More

  • To insure or to assure the farmer?

    Opinion: Ajaya K Sahu and Bornali Bhandari While large farmers can be given insurance small and marginal farmers can be provided with assurance In view of the rain-induced crop damage in the southern States crop insurance is once again likely to come into focus. Majority of the agricultural households (70 per cent) own land less than...   Read More

  • Tackling global challenges, despite great power rivalry

    Opinion: Sudipto Mundle India could nudge the US and China towards a win-win rather than zero-sum relationship on the critical issues we all face. Way back in 1972 a study on ‘The Limits of Growth’ commissioned by The Club of Rome had issued a dire Malthusian warning that without significant curbs on the observed pattern of...   Read More

  • Why you shouldn’t brush aside Shaktikanta Das’ concerns over cryptocurrencies

    Opinion: Mythili Bhusnurmath This is not the first time Das has urged caution on cryptos. His speech on Tuesday coming days after the PM convened a meeting on the issue last Saturday draws an important distinction between using technologies like blockchain for economic progress and for mining cryptos. Karl Marx today may well have said ‘Cryptocurrency...   Read More

  • Improving The Credit Scenario In India

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Samarth Gupta Ajaya K Sahu and KS Urs Increased awareness and usage of government schemes may be partly responsible for the upswing in credit take among businesses in India. Growth in non-food credit slowed down to single digits since 2019–20:Q2.  In the NCAER Business Expectations Survey Round 116 conducted in March 2021 we...   Read More

  • As the US Fed tightens the asset purchases spigot once more, will India feel the heat?

    Opinion: Barry Eichengreen & Poonam Gupta The literature points to the importance of prior financial conditions (capital inflows and real appreciation in the pre-taper period) financial market structure (the size of financial markets) and select macroeconomic variables in explaining the differential impact of the taper announcement. Specifically countries more dependent on external finance prior to Ben...   Read More

  • Why PMAY-U fails to address India’s intrinsic housing problems

    Opinion: Prerna Prabhakar Despite a huge central assistance commitment of ₹1.8 lakh crore PMAY-U has not been able to achieve the desired goal of meeting the affordable housing demand and solve deep rooted issues associated with the housing market in the country. At a recent event Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave away keys to seventy five...   Read More

  • View: G20’s ‘historic’ global tax agreement endorsed on Saturday, like the city of Rome, won’t be built in a day

    Opinion: Mythili Bhusnurmath Sad truth is the only time G20 delivered on its promises was when interests of advanced economies were threatened after GFC — with urgency. Landmark historic pathbreaking — all these words and more have been used to describe the global agreement on corporate tax rates pioneered by the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation...   Read More

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