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  • The 2013 India Policy Forum and 10th Anniversary Celebrations

    The annual India Policy Forum (IPF) conference was held from 16 -17 July. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the conference also hosted a lecture titled ‘India: The Way Forward’ by Dr Raghuram Rajan, Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India. The conference included paper presentations by eminent economists and planners and a round table on ‘Rights, Cash...   Read More

  • Human Development in India: Evidence from IHDS

    The India Human Development Survey (IHDS-I) is the first household survey in India to have a full spectrum of health, education, economic, family, and gender modules for both urban and rural samples. Today it is a premier public resource for researchers, policymakers and civil society analysts interested in issues of poverty, social inequality and human...   Read More

  • Quarterly Review of the Economy

    At this Quarterly Seminar on ‘State of the Economy’, the NCAER QRE team presented observations, reviews and projections for 2013–14, covering various sectors including agriculture; industry and services; public finance, money; credit and finance; external sector as well as the GDP forecasts . On this occasion NCAER released its quarterly report titled “Quarterly Review of...   Read More

  • Gender-Inclusive Macroeconomic Policy Management

    This one day workshop held at NCAER presented findings from NCAER’s Initiative on Gender-Inclusive Macroeconomic Policy Management which forms part of the UNDP’s Grant Agreement Project, “Policy and Advocacy”. The project is led by Dr Anushree Sinha, Senior Fellow at NCAER and aims to augment the Indian government’s capacity in gender-focused macroeconomic policy-making. This is...   Read More

  • Acquisition of Technological Capabilities through the Clean Development Mechanism in India

    NCAER, organised a one day workshop on the role of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in building technological capabilities in developing countries with a special reference to India. Mr Rajiv Kumar, Member Secretary of the National CDM Authority, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India was the Chief Guest and Dr Srikanta K. Panigrahi, Director...   Read More

  • Regional Impact Evaluation and Survey Methods Workshop Evaluating the Impact of Development Programs

    NCAER and the World Bank organized a two-week international high-level workshop, titled “Evaluating the Impact of Development Programs: Turning Promises into Evidence” in New Delhi. NCAER and the World Bank collaborated to offer this unique training workshop for the first time in India. The workshop trained more than 100 participants from around 14 countries, many...   Read More

  • The Union Budget 2013-14: Reforms and Development Perspectives Budget Seminar

    In what has become a  post- budget tradition, five leading Indian think tanks – NCAER, CPR, ICRIER, IDF, and NIPFP got together for the  seventh consecutive year to present their assessment of the Union Budget delivered by the Finance Minister on 28 February, 2013. The presentations by the heads of the five institutions, the panel...   Read More

  • Can Panchayats Make Services Work for Poor People in Rural India?

    The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) organized a roundtable discussion on "Can Panchyats Make Services Work for Poor People in Rural India?" Dr Hari Nagarajan, Senior Fellow, NCAER presented findings from his forthcoming book "Decentralization and Empowerment for Rural Development: The Case of India", jointly authored with Dr Hans Biswanger-, and Dr SS...   Read More

  • The Inaugural C.D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2013

    NCAER, organized the first annual C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture on January 4, 2013, to honour one of India’s most eminent economists and one of its founding fathers. The lecture titled “Grassroots Welfare Schemes and Macroeconomic Choices: India’s Dilemmas” was delivered by Professor Kaushik Basu, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank...   Read More

  • Columbia NCAER Conference on “Trade, Poverty, Inequality and Democracy”

    NCAER hosted a conference jointly with Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. This two-day conference on Trade, Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy featured research papers prepared jointly by domestic and overseas scholars on areas of key policy interest. Economists, political scientists, and policy makers, reviewed the research and discussed its impact on India. ....   Read More