NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy

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NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy

At this Seminar on ‘State of the Economy’ and forecast for 2013-14, the NCAER QRE team presented its quarterly forecast of the major macroeconomic variables based on NCAER’s modelling work. It included NCAER’s observations, reviews and projections for 2013-14 covering various sectors including agriculture; industry and services; public finance, money; credit and finance; external sector as well as the GDP forecasts. On this occasion NCAER released its widely-reported Quarterly Review of the Economy or QRE as it is poularly known.

This seminar hosted a special presentation by  Kaushik Brahma, Tata Steel and invited discussions by Dr Basanta Pradhan, IEG and Dr Abhijit Sengupta, ADB.

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  • Event Date

    08 August 2013
  • Location

    Conference Room