How do households living in arsenic-contaminated regions value safe drinking water?
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  • NCAER receives a Rs. 50 crore gift from Nandan and Rohini Nilekanii

    NCAER received a historic Rs 50 crore (about US$ 8.1 million) gift from Nandan M. Nilekani, the President of NCAER’s Governing Body, and Rohini Nilekani on Wednesday, 18 December 2013. The announcement for one of the largest ever private gifts to an independent research organisation in India was made in the presence of members from...   Read More

  • Malcolm Adiseshaiah Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2013-14, NCAER-IIC

    New Delhi, Saturday, 16 November 2013: At a seminar held at the India International Centre, New Delhi today, the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) presented the Mid Year Review of the Economy, 2013-14. The Review covered the performance of the economy during the first half of the current year (April- September 2013-14), and made projections...   Read More

  • Leapfrogging Methodology & Technology in Household Survey Research: Lessons from the US and India

    This research symposium organised by NCAER in collaboration with the Survey Research Centre (SRC) at the University of Michigan initiated discussions on improving the sample survey research and practices relevant for bringing data to inform policy making. The Chairman of the National Statistical Commission, Dr Pronab Sen, participated in the symposium and India’s Chief Statistician,...   Read More

  • Private vs. Government: New Evidence on School Performance and Implications for India’s Right to Education Act

    Private schools in rural Andhra Pradesh operate at substantially lower per-child cost than government schools and deliver slightly better learning outcomes, according to results from the Andhra Pradesh School Choice Project, a study designed to measure the educational outcome differences between private schools and government schools. The findings were presented by the study’s author Professor...   Read More

  • India in the Asian Century

    This exploratory research workshop was built around the question of whether the gap between India and its East Asian  neighbours would be smaller or larger by 2025. It focused on what India must do to o close the gap, and how the expectations of the role of India in this Asian Century can be fulfilled. A key question motivating the workshop was how India...   Read More

  • NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy

    At this Seminar on ‘State of the Economy’ and forecast for 2013-14, the NCAER QRE team presented its quarterly forecast of the major macroeconomic variables based on NCAER’s modelling work. It included NCAER's observations, reviews and projections for 2013-14 covering various sectors including agriculture; industry and services; public finance, money; credit and finance; external sector as...   Read More

  • What is public about public health? Evidence from three Indian Sanitation Studies

    This seminar, organized by the NCAER brought together researchers from various institutions across Delhi. The presentation by Jeffrey Hammer, Princeton University and NCAER dwelled on three studies on sanitation and their comparisons with primary health care. These three studies were: • Cross state illustration of the damage done by poor sanitation • A randomised control...   Read More

  • Land Economics : Issues and Challenges

    This one day workshop brought together a number of practicing urban planners and economists, policy analysts and researchers from both the government and academic institutions to explore and identify possible areas of priority research in land economics and urbanisation in India, including land supply, demand, land valuation and pricing, regulation, and the role of the...   Read More

  • Visit to NCAER of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to lay the foundation stone for the new NCAER Centre and inaugurate The Promise of NCAER exhibit

    Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh unveiled the foundation stone for the new NCAER Centre at the National Council of Applied Economic Research in New Delhi on Saturday morning, accompanied by NCAER’s Director General Dr. Shekhar Shah and many other dignitaries and noted economists, including members of NCAER’s Governing Body led by its President, Shri Nandan...   Read More

  • Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Analysis

    This one-day research workshop brought together researchers and policy analysts to explore specific aspects of macro modelling such as real output growth, inflation and the sector distribution of output; data limitations on improving model specification; and understanding the policy needs of model-based analysis for forecasting, scenario analysis, and empirical cause and effect analysis of significant...   Read More

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