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Opinion: Ajaya K Sahu and Bornali Bhandari. As India increasingly urbanises, it has become important to measure its economic parameters, not only at the aggregate level but also at the disaggregated level. The literature review suggests that there are differences across city tiers. However, we find that the current statistics simply do not capture the...   Read More


  • Does India need a population policy?

    Earlier this year, the United Nations published data to show that India would surpass China as the world’s most populous country by 2023. According to the 2018-19 Economic Survey, India’s demographic dividend will peak around 2041, when the share of the working age population is expected to hit 59%. In this context, does India need...   Read More

  • As inflation rises and IIP shrinks, economists warn India might struggle to hit 6% GDP next year

    Interview of Dr Mridul Saggar, IEPF Chair Professor at NCAER and former MPC member, with Latha Venkatesh, discussing September CPI inflation data, was aired on CNBC TV18 on Thursday, 13 October 2022. Watch the programme here. For the full discussion, watch the video Speaking to CNBC-TV18, Citi India's Samiran Chakraborty and former MPC member, Mridul Saggar...   Read More

  • Fiscal prudence, key to stability

    Opinion: Mridul Saggar: Open economy challenges may haunt policies ahead as spillovers intensify A common economic sophism is that fiscal policy can prop up growth even when monetary policy is assigned to bringing inflation under control. In the short run, lifting demand amid supply constraints will only fuel inflation and the twin deficits, with a...   Read More

  • RBI’s tight money push justified

    Opinion: Mridul Saggar: Amid high inflation and exchange rate pressures, rate hikes and tight liquidity are the best bet. The RBI has been broadly getting its act right amid difficult circumstances. In my assessment, it has traversed about three-fourths of the amplitude of the current rate hiking cycle, but the economy is stronger than before....   Read More

  • Freeing the white elephants: Why privatisation of public banks can only be good

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta and Arvind Panagariya: Dominance of banking by PSBs has also been a hurdle in the way of improving the regulatory regime, which, in turn, hampers the modernisation and, therefore, healthy growth of the sector. This is because RBI has limited regulatory jurisdiction over PSBs. Indeed, this fact has at times provided RBI...   Read More

  • RBI’s Monetary Policy Announcement in the CNBC Indianomics program

    IEPF Chair Professor Dr Mridul Saggar speaks to Latha Venkatesh, CNBC TV18 on “RBI’s Monetary Policy Announcement in the CNBC Indianomics program, 30 September 2022. Watch the Video

  • Polluting a river is a sin against it!

    Opinion: Sanjib Pohit and Anupma Mehta: Immersion of idols laced with harmful chemicals does an irreparable damage to a river, time to stop sinning against salvator. It is that time of the year again, when the devout prepare fancy and exotic idols of gods and goddesses, venerate them for a few days and then consign them...   Read More

  • Beyond the statistical soundbites: why data matter

    Opinion: Sonalde Desai:   While collecting official statistics will always be a purview of state institutions, they must be governed by independent governing bodies that can ensure scientific integrity and broad oversight. We seem fascinated with statistical soundbites, vacillating between the bizarre and the expedient. In October 2021, major newspapers featured stories that claimed that over...   Read More

  • How inflation targeting framework has worked well for India

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta:   In India, the inflation target (for CPI headline inflation) was set at 4%, with an upper tolerance limit of 6% and a lower limit of 2%. GoI constituted a six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), including three ex-officio members from RBI with the RBI governor as its chairperson, the deputy governor in charge...   Read More

  • Formal work, informal worker

    Opinion: Bornali Bhandari Gautam Kumar Das Samarth Gupta Ajaya K Sahu & KS Urs  In the platform economy workers function in a formalised realm but without benefits of tenure or welfare One of the research questions that the NITI Aayog report ‘India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy: Perspectives and Recommendations on the Future of Work’ poses...   Read More