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Opinion: Poonam Gupta and S Priyadarshini. The real growth rate of the Indian economy in the April-June quarter of 2023-24 (Q1, FY24), according to the latest data released by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), stood at 7.8 per cent. Market economists embraced this data as reflective of their own projections, and in line with their...   Read More


  • Incentivising fiscal prudence for states

    Opinion: Barry Eichengreen and Poonam Gupta. Debt is projected to increase by the largest amount in the same states that are currently the most heavily indebted. At 28 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), states account for nearly a third of the total debt of Indian governments. (The central government accounts for the rest.)...   Read More

  • India needs to rebuild once-vaunted statistical system

    Opinion: Sonalde Desai. Competing newspaper op-eds by PM’s Economic Advisory Council and two former chief statisticians have led to back and forth about the weakness of our statistical systems and political motivations behind impugning statistics. However, they offer a silver lining by highlighting the importance of statistics for evidence-informed policymaking. Several observations are noteworthy: Indian...   Read More

  • India’s Debt Dilemma

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta and Barry Eichengreen India was an outlier on fiscal outcomes pre-pandemic, and it drifted further in the high-debt direction during COVID. At their peak in 2020-21, the public debt and fiscal deficit of the General Government (the Centre and the States together) stood at 89 per cent and 13 per cent of...   Read More

  • Greening the time’ can help India achieve its climate goals

    Opinion: Gaurav Bhatiani and Sanjib Pohit. It is important to consider multiple time zones for India, perhaps starting with two to keep things simple. A green revolution is underway, with green energy, green buildings, green transport, green finance and more. It is time to think of ‘greening the time’ to enable our ambitious climate goals....   Read More

  • Road infrastructure to boost development in NE

    Opinion: Nijara Deka. The Government of India has initiated various national highway projects of significant investment in the Northeast. The highway projects are expected to enhance internal connectivity as well as growth of the States’ economy and create new opportunities for people. The Government’s effort to enhance connectivity in the North-east is visible in many...   Read More

  • The ‘discount’ games online sellers play

    Opinion: Palash Baruah and DL Wankhar Offering discounts on inflated MRP to lure consumers should be construed as an act of price manipulation. Online marketing or e-marketing has captured the landscape of shopping experience in the country. The ease of online browsing has meant consumers have a variety of choices, get convenient delivery services, return...   Read More

  • India’s debt dilemma

    Opinion: Barry Eichengreen, Poonam Gupta and Ayesha Ahmed In the fifth and final article in the Ideas@IPF2023 series, Eichengreen, Gupta and Ahmed reveal how high levels of debt in India limit the resources available for other priorities. At the same time, they predict that there is no immediate crisis of debt sustainability, as institutional factors limit rollover risk,...   Read More

  • Demographic transition and change in women’s lives

    Opinion: Sonalde Desai. Women’s childhood, adulthood, and old age have all been transformed in India’s demographic journey. The passage of World Population Day (July 11) is also a time to look at how India’s demographic journey has changed the lives of its citizens, particularly its women. India’s population grew from about 340 million at Independence...   Read More

  • Ideas@IPF2023 series: NCAER’s India Policy Forum – where research meets policy

    Opinion: Anupma Mehta. Every year, the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) hosts the India Policy Forum (IPF), a platform where economists and policymakers dissect five research ideas for their utility to public policy. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the conference, Ideas for India launches the Ideas@IPF2023 series, introduced in this anchor by...   Read More

  • Bank of England exercises aim to better understand market dynamics

    Opinion: Udaibir Das. An important step on the path to a global macro-financial risk framework. The Bank of England has raised the bar in managing the UK financial system and launched ‘system-wide exploratory scenario exercises’ to understand market behaviour. A more profound grasp of market dynamics will enhance public confidence, with other central banks likely...   Read More