In a dynamic research and policy environment with a growing demand for data and evidence for better policy making, it is crucial to invest in methods for data collection and impact evaluation for generating high-quality policy relevant data for various sectors and states.


  • Evaluation Study of Equity Support to India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

    As an innovative vehicle, the India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) was set up in 2006 as a non-banking finance company fully owned by the Government. IIFCL was allowed to raise funds from domestic and overseas markets on the strength of sovereign guarantees to keep borrowing costs low. Moreover, such borrowings did not have to...   Read More

  • Designing and proposing the revised fares for the L&T Metro Operations in Hyderabad

    The Concessionaire set the initial fare structure of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR), and any subsequent fare revision needs to be approved by a Fare Fixation Committee (FFC) appointed by the Government of India. The purpose of the study is to arrive at a revised fare structure for Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR). Study will conduct passenger...   Read More

  • Impact of Taxation on Auto Sales

    Impact of Taxation on Auto Sales The objective of the study is to estimate the impact of tax rates on automobile sales and tax revenue. This study will include the following: (i) estimation of price and tax elasticity of demand for auto industry including passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles; (ii) study of taxation...   Read More

  • White Paper on Farm Mechanisation in India

    NCAER will prepare a white paper that will focus on recommendations for creating an industrial and trade Policy to make India a powerhouse in the farm machinery sector. The overall objective of this paper is to recommend policymakers, key strategic actions to be taken to foster the growth of the Farm Machinery Industry (other than...   Read More

  • NCAER India Land Portal

    NCAER India Land Portal is a repository of all the databases related to Land Records and Services Index that has been developed under N-LPI (NCAER’s Land Policy Initiative). In addition to the results of N-LRSI: its components, sample and methodology, the portal also provides land-related information available from various other sources. The N-LRSI has been...   Read More

  • Present and Potential Contribution of Microfinance to India’s Economy

    Financial inclusion, or empowerment of all citizens with access to financial resources through formal financial institutions and systems, has been advocated by many as an effective vehicle for economic development and poverty alleviation. Microfinance has emerged as a major instrument of meeting the needs of lower income households by linking them to the financial resources...   Read More

  • Integration of NCAER Land Records and Services Index & Prindex : Combining land records and property rights perception

    NCAER has launched two editions of supply side NCAER Land Records Services Index in 2020 and 2021. While expanding and improving quality of land records reflects the efforts on the supply side of these services, how are they perceived and used by the users? To address this question, it was felt that a demand side...   Read More

  • India and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic Losses for Households Engaged in Tourism and Policies for Recovery

    This study sponsored by Ministry of Tourism focussed on the following objectives: Quantify the sector-wise (or industry-wise) direct and indirect impact of tourism activities on overall economy, as a whole and especially on household income, which may be further disaggregated into different types of households like formal and informal. Quantify the sector-wise and overall loss...   Read More

  • NCAER’s Land Policy Initiative (N-LPI)

    Land policy in India has suffered from several deficits. Relative to its size, India suffers from a paucity of economic research, policy analysis, and systematic data on land, leading to well-meaning but poorly designed and implemented government programs. Land policy is defined constitutionally as the prerogative of India’s States and the focus of data and...   Read More

  • Cement Industry in India: Current Scenario and an Overview of Competitive Landscape

    The study is focused on ascertaining profitability in the industry, which in turn would examine the prospects of new investments and growth of the sector over the medium to long term. Major objectives of the study are (i)examine the degree of competitiveness of the cement sector in India, using appropriate measures of industrial concentration over...   Read More

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  • 2237Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Poonam Munjal is a Professor at the NCAER. She has worked on a wide variety of studies, including the N-SIPI investment index, tourism satellite accounts, impact of investment in housing sector and a number of research studies based on input-output models. Previously, she worked as an Associate Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd. and as an...   Read More

  • 469Ravi Kumar Gupta

    K.A. Siddiqui is a Senior Adviser at NCAER with a background in Input-Output Modelling, macroeconomics and large scale primary studies. He has developed a user-friendly dashboard using data of NCAER’s National Survey of Households on Income and Expenditure. In the past, he has worked on various studies related to Tourism Satellite Account, Social Accounting Matrix,...   Read More

  • 400Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Sanjib Pohit is a Professor at NCAER. He is an experienced modeler in the area of trade and environment with 20 years of modelling experience. His domain of research experience includes science and technology policies, institutional economics, transport economics, input-output models, FDI, informal trade, automobile industry, and South Asian integration. Previously, he held position at...   Read More

  • 2230Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Shashanka Bhide is an Honorary Senior Adviser at NCAER. He was associated with NCAER from 1982 to 2014 in different capacities. After leaving NCAER in July 2014, he took up the position of Director, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai until his retirement in December 2018. His research has covered a number of areas in...   Read More

  • 429Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Bornali Bhandari is a Professor at NCAER with a background in international economics and macroeconomics, specifically focusing on the impact of globalisation on development. Currently, she is engaged in a number of industry studies including automobiles, farm mechanisation, and digitisation. Her wider research interests include analysis of skilling from a 3-E perspective (education, employability and...   Read More

  • 2238Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Saurabh Bandyopadhyay is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. He has undertaken a wide variety of studies, including; Railways Passenger and Freight, Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemicals, Cement, etc. in the Infrastructure Sector; Agriculture Outlook, Convergence of Agricultural Intervention in Maharashtra, National Cooperative Development Council, National Dairy Development Board, Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Ministry of Fishery, Animal...   Read More

  • 2272Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Prabir Kumar Ghosh is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. Currently, he is involved in coordinating all-India level survey work and analysis of large scale primary data. His research interests include development economics, human development, income, expenditure, poverty & nutrition, demography, and budgetary analysis on social sector & poverty alleviation programs.

  • 2234Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, Fellow at NCAER. He has been the Principal Investigator for an evaluation study of MGNREGA by the Planning Commission. His expertise is survey-based research in the social sector with strong skills in qualitative research methods.

  • 2249Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Charu Jain is a Fellow at NCAER. Her areas of research interest includes education, gender, and socio-developmental changes. She has worked in the area of land & policy related issues, agriculture, steel, handloom sector, large-scale consumer studies, industrial surveys, housing indices, and macro-economic policy issues. Dr Jain has few national and international publications to her credit....   Read More

  • 2240Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Laxmi Joshi is a Fellow at NCAER with research interests in agriculture and rural development. She has worked on issues related to the Agricultural Outlook Situation Analysis, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, economic benefits of weather and marine services, air pollution issues in agriculture, India’s cotton revolution, dairy development, convergence and agricultural intervention in Maharashtra, farm...   Read More

  • 2225Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Devender Pratap is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. His current research interests include trade policy analysis/CGE modelling, GTAP database, social accounting matrix, input output analysis, construction of base-run for CGE modelling, macro-econometric modelling and agricultural/livestock economy. At NCAER, he has handled three major CGE models in single-country and multi-country frameworks. He has also been involved...   Read More

  • 2259Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Palash Baruah is an Associate Fellow at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). He is a Statistician by training and is involved in sampling design for various studies conducted by the NCAER.  He has been involved in many large-scale studies at the NCAER relating to agriculture, households income & expenditure, youth, impact of communication...   Read More

  • 2243Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Asrar Alam is an Associate Fellow at the NCAER States, Sectors, Surveys, and Impact Evaluation division. He has worked on a wide variety of studies, including both survey and non-survey-based studies, some major studies include; Assessment of Faceless Assessment Scheme of Income Tax Department, Education Satellite Account, Tourism Satellite Accounts, Gems & Jewellery sector of...   Read More

  • 2165Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Ajaya Kumar Sahu is an Associate Fellow at NCAER. He is an Agricultural Economist by training. During his stay at the NCAER, he has worked on areas like poverty analysis, issues related to agriculture and rural development, labour and employment with special reference to quality of jobs and skills, public finance and analysis of price dynamics. ...   Read More

  • 19337Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Dhruv Pratap Singh is working as a Research Analyst at NCAER. He has a Master’s degree in Economics from Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra. He is involved in analysing primary data, providing the necessary inputs for formulating survey instruments and sampling strategies, and conducting qualitative studies and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) for projects. He has been...   Read More

  • 17887Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Chanchal is working as a Research Analyst at NCAER. She has a post-graduation degree in Statistics from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. She has earlier interned at the National Institute of Medical Statistics (ICMR), All India Institute of Medical Science, where she worked on NFHS-4 data on women and on project study on "Out-of-Pocket Expenditure in Public...   Read More

  • 2256Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Falak Naz is working as a Research Analyst at NCAER. She has a degree in urban planning from Amity University. Her primary area of research includes urban planning and mapping. She has undertaken a wide variety of studies, including the NCAER Land Records Services Index (N-LRSI), 2020 and 2021, Evaluation Study of the Rashtriya Gram...   Read More

  • 2255Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Sadhna Singh is working as a Research Team Assistant at NCAER.

  • 2530Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Tara Kumari is working as a Research Team Assistant at NCAER.