Digital Land Records: How Can it Help The Common Man and Where Does India Stand?

01 Oct 2021

1st episode of Land of a Billion Season 2! by the Quint

This podcast features Mr Deepak Sanan  NCAER and Vivek Kumar Singh the Additional Chief Secretary Revenue and Land Reforms in the Government of Bihar. Mr Sanan speaks extensively about NCAER’s work- Land Records and Services Index (N-LRSI). The episode explores various questions and dilemmas around the digitization process in a state and also how the N-LRSI pushes states to do better. 

“Land is one of the most important financial assets for Indians and yet also one of the most disputed. Many of us have experienced the frustration over not being able to access reliable and accurate ownership records or maps of the land we own or wish to buy.” Read more and tune in to the Podcast here.