Empowering Investors: Financial Literacy and Inclusivity in the Digitalized world

Saturday, 13 July 2024, 14:00 pm


Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
Upcoming Event in-person

Youth of this country are exponentially participating in financial markets, thanks to the modern platforms and the digital revolution. Investor knowledge and confidence form the foundation of the soundness of any investment activity undertaken by an individual.

Financial sector regulators and the government are actively engaged in building and strengthening the regulatory framework in line with prevailing acts and rules for the financial sector. Empowering investors has become a critical concern in today’s digitalized world, focusing not only on equipping them with skills but also ensuring adequate financial literacy through a modernized approach. This will enable their widespread inclusion in the formal financial system.

The workshop titled “Empowering Investors: Financial Literacy and Inclusivity in the Digitalized World,” organized by the IEPF Chair Unit of NCAER, promises to be highly beneficial for youth. It will feature insights from financial experts on the contextual and critical need for financial planning, understanding the risks and opportunities of investing as also the elements of being a responsible investor.

In an era marked by information overload and unsolicited financial advice, safeguarding investors’ interests is as crucial as maximizing personal financial well-being. This workshop jointly organised by IEPFA and NCAER in collaboration with SoMFI, MDI Gurgaon, a top-notch management institute is going to cater to the need of the budding managers in empowering them as investors.

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