Dr. C S Mohapatra, IEPF Chair Professor, invited for an interactive session with the faculty of the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM), Mumbai

Past Event

Dr Mohapatra had an interactive session titled, “From Knowledge to Wealth: Bridging the Gap between Financial Literacy and Financial Well-being” with the faculty at NISM. This session was inaugurated by the Director of NISM, Dr C.K.G. Nair. During his address to the faculty, Dr Mohapatra stressed the importance of modernising courses on financial literacy, along with rapid digitalisation of the economy. He suggested the introduction of refresher training courses and certification for trainers, master trainers, regulators, fresh recruits, and all others associated with the financial literacy ecosystem. He also asserted the importance of attracting prospective investors and nurturing confidence among them by strengthening institutional capabilities, simplifying processes, and initiating sustained follow-up training and hand-holding. Conducting applied research and comprehensive surveys is also crucial for identifying and mitigating last mile issues in maximising financial well-being.

  • Event Date

    21 November 2023
  • Location

    National Institute of Securities Markets, Mumbai
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