Computable General Equilibrium Modelling and Policy Analysis

Building cutting-edge CGE/integrated models at the national/subnational levels is crucial for facilitating policy analysis in the domains of industry, trade, energy, environment and climate change.



  • 400Srijata Datta

    Sanjib Pohit is a Professor at NCAER. He is an experienced modeler in the area of trade and environment with 20 years of modelling experience. His domain of research experience includes science and technology policies, institutional economics, transport economics, input-output models, FDI, informal trade, automobile industry, and South Asian integration. Previously, he held position at...   Read More

  • 2225Srijata Datta

    Devender Pratap is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. His current research interests include trade policy analysis/CGE modelling, GTAP database, social accounting matrix, input output analysis, construction of base-run for CGE modelling, macro-econometric modelling and agricultural/livestock economy. At NCAER, he has handled three major CGE models in single-country and multi-country frameworks. He has also been involved...   Read More

  • 13314Srijata Datta

    Somya Mathur is an Associate Fellow at NCAER.  She is working on CGE Models. Previously, she was working with Infinite Sum Modelling Inc., USA; Pune International Center on Climate Change impacts and has also worked with Ministry of Panchayati Raj. Her domain areas are trade and climate change. She has attained her Masters from Gokhale Institute...   Read More

  • 2255Srijata Datta

    Sadhna Singh is working as a Research Team Assistant at NCAER.