Under Nutrition and Public Policy in India

Under Nutrition and Public Policy in India

The overall objective of the project is to synthesize and, where needed, re-analyse existing research to inform and influence current debates on food and nutritional security in India. It will study existing research and commission new analysis to understand the issue of malnutrition and the barriers in the achievement of food and nutritional security in India. The project will also ensure that the findings of this research are responsive to policy discourse in India, particularly the ongoing debate on the National Food Security Act. It reinforces the existing capacity at the NCAER to analyse the links between nutrition and poverty and respond proactively to critical policy issues.



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    Sonalde Desai is a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland and Professor at NCAER, and Director of NCAER’s National Data Innovation Centre. She is a demographer whose work deals primarily with social inequalities in developing countries with a particular focus on gender and class inequalities in human development. While much of her research...   Read More

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    Dinesh Kumar Tiwari is a Fellow at NCAER. He is an anthropologist with rich experience of primary data collection of large scale social surveys, qualitative interviews and experimental data collection with special focus on field management, monitoring and supervision, ensuring data quality. His areas of interest include migration studies, ethnographic research, public health and experimental economics.....   Read More

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    Jaya Koti is a Project Analyst at NCAER, working with the National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) and India Human Development Survey (IHDS) - III.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Rural Development from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).  She has worked on various projects like “Under Nutrition and Public Policy in India”, “India Human Development...   Read More