Third Handloom Census

Third Handloom Census

The objective of the Handloom Census is to build a reliable database of the handloom sector in order to understand the differential impact of policies by planners and policy-makers on the handloom sector. The first two rounds of the census in 1987-88 and 1995 were conducted by the government with NCAER serving as the nodal consultant in 1995. NCAER was responsible for conducting the third round in 2009 with coverage extending to the entire country. Broadly, the census was to provide a socio-economic profile of households involved in the sector. Specifically this meant collecting data related to:

  • Total number of units (both household and non-household) engaged in handloom activities.
  • Total count of looms (working and idle) available with both household and non-household units
  • Number of workers (weavers and allied workers) involved in such activities.
  • Photographs and details of all handloom weavers and allied activity workers aged 18 and above for the issue of photo identity cards

For more information on the third round of the handloom census, please contact Mr Rakesh Srivastava.


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    The objective of the Third Handloom Census was to build a database for the handloom sector to provide inputs for policy making purposes. The need to understand the differential impact of policies has increasingly been realised by policy makers. The survey was conducted in rural and urban areas of 29 states and UTs.


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    K.A. Siddiqui is a Senior Adviser at NCAER with a background in Input-Output Modelling, macroeconomics and large scale primary studies. He has developed a user-friendly dashboard using data of NCAER’s National Survey of Households on Income and Expenditure. In the past, he has worked on various studies related to Tourism Satellite Account, Social Accounting Matrix,...   Read More

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    Prabir Kumar Ghosh is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. Currently, he is involved in coordinating all-India level survey work and analysis of large scale primary data. His research interests include development economics, human development, income, expenditure, poverty & nutrition, demography, and budgetary analysis on social sector & poverty alleviation programs.

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    O. P. Sharma is a Fellow at the NCAER, specializing in primary data collection, field management, field training, coding and editing. He is currently working in the project ‘India Human Development Survey-III. Some of the other studies he has worked on include: Fertilizer Consumption and Quality Seeds, India Human Development Survey-I 2004-05, Rural Economic and Demographic...   Read More

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    A result oriented, skillful IT professional with hands-on experience in championing business process improvements; accomplished in identifying and deploying cost-effective, value-added IT solutions – all while delivering excellent services. Mr Srivastava is a creative and motivated Information and Communications Technology specialist and a team leader with more than 25 years of work experience. One of...   Read More