Barbara McPake

Barbara McPake


Barbara McPake is Professor, Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne and Professor at NCAER. Prior to this, she was Director of the Nossal Institute (2014-23) and the Institute for International Health and Development, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (2005-2014); Programme Director, Health Systems Development Knowledge Programme (2001-6) and Head of Health Policy Unit (2001-4) at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has extensive international experience in health systems research and policy analysis and advice to UN agencies and low-and-middle income country governments.

Her research focuses on the application of economic theories and methods to the understanding of issues in health system strengthening in low and middle-income countries.

She has a PhD in Health Economics from the University of Wales, College of Medicine.

ARTICLE | Social Science & Medicine
How social norms and values shape household healthcare expenditures and resource allocation: Insights from India
Sumit Kane, Madhura Joshi, Ajay Mahal and Barbara McPake
October 2023

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Health Seeking Pathways in Four Indian States of India
Findings from a Survey on Health Care Seeking for Chronic and Acute Illnesses
Prabir Kumar Ghosh Ajay Mahal, Sumit Kane, Sumit Kumar, Shayequa Zeenat Ali, Charu Jain, Sagari Sahu, Sree Sanyal, Chanchal Negi, MAdhura Chowdhury, Barbara McPake.
September 2023

ARTICLE | Social Science & Medicine
People’s care seeking journey for a chronic illness in rural India: Implications for policy and practice
Sumit Kane, Madhura Joshi, Sapna Desai, Ajay Mahal, Barbara McPake
September 2022

REPORT | NCAER and the Nossal Institute for Global Health
Healthcare seeking pathways in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, India
Prabir Kumar Ghosh, Sumit Kane, Sumit Kumar, Shayequa Zeenat Ali, Sagari Sahu, Sree Sanyal, Madhura Chowdhury, Barbara McPake, and Ajay Mahal
October 2021

ARTICLE | Social Science & Medicine
Is there an association between public spending on health and choice of healthcare providers across socioeconomic groups in India? – Evidence from a national sample.
Patrick Mulcahy, Ajay Mahal, Barbara McPake, Sumit Kane, Prabir Kumar Ghosh, John Tayu Lee
September 2021