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  • The Digital Harvest: Unlocking AI’s Promise in Revolutionizing Agriculture

    Opinion: Raka Saxena and Laxmi Joshi. Unlocking the full potential of AI, ushering in an era where technology and agriculture converge. In the dynamic landscape of agricultural development, rural progress undergoes a significant metamorphosis with the infusion of technology, contributing to a structural transformation that reverberates across rural communities. Despite agriculture’s historical resistance to digital...   Read More

  • Deciphering barriers, leveraging opportunities

    Opinion: Jyoti Thakur and Poonam Munjal. In India, women still face numerous hurdles to access employment and, once employed, to access decision-making positions. Claudia Goldin’s winning the 2023 Nobel Prize in the Economic Sciences, with her comprehensive account of women’s earnings and their underrepresentation in the global labour market, has aroused renewed interest among the...   Read More

  • Making GDP Estimates More Agile

    Opinion: Poonam Gupta. Each sequential release of GDP estimates by MoSPI (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation) generates considerable excitement. Yet, perhaps many of us are unaware that each year’s estimates are revised six times over a stretch of three years before they are finalized. For example, the first estimate of growth for the current...   Read More

  • The debate over India’s logistics costs

    Opinion: Poonam Munjal and Sanjib Pohit. The number recently put forth by a government-constituted task force represents, at best, an interim assessment till the final report is out. The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) released a report on “Logistics Cost in India Assessment and Long-term Framework” on December 14, 2023. The report is...   Read More

  • Unlocking India’s Potential with AI

    Opinion: Nandan Nilekani and Tanuj Bhojwani. India is on the brink of a transformation that could change its economic and social future. Before the end of this decade, more Indians will use AI every day than in any other country in the world. What’s more, people in advanced economies will be surprised by the ways...   Read More