India Policy Forum

This India Policy Forum Volume comprises papers and highlights of the discussions at the India Policy Forum (IPF) held in New Delhi every year. The IPF is organized by NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research, India’s oldest and largest independent think-tank. The IPF promotes original economic policy and empirical research on India. It provides a unique combination of intense scholarship and policymaker engagement at the annual IPF Conference that reviews this research, leading to its eventual publication in this international journal. An international Research Panel of India-based and overseas scholars with an abiding interest in India supports this initiative through advice, active participation at the IPF Conference, and the search for innovative papers that promise fresh insights. An international Advisory Panel provides overall guidance. Papers appear in the annual IPF Volume after revisions based on IPF discussants’ comments, a lively floor discussion, and the editorial guidance provided by the editors of the India Policy Forum Volume.

The IPF volumes can be downloaded using the links below: