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  • Excess Volatility in Financial Markets: Market Failure and Government Failure

    Financial markets operate within a country’s legal, regulatory, and tax framework, often designed to overcome market failures. But as with almost any government, inappropriate regulation or laws may themselves create government failures.  Where does one lay the blame for excess volatility in financial markets, volatility that may impose huge costs on the rest of the...   Read More

  • India Policy Forum 2013|14 volume released

    The India Policy Forum 2013|14 , volume 10 was released by Dr Surjit S Bhalla and Dr Shekhar Shah at a conference being held at the India International Centre. The journal contains the papers and discussions presented at the India Policy Forum held in July 2013. Shekhar Shah (NCAER), Barry Bosworth (Brookings), and Arvind Panagariya (Columbia) are...   Read More

  • The India Policy Forum 2014

    The India Policy Forum, now its eleventh continuous year, is organized by NCAER in New Delhi every year in cooperation with the Brookings Institution. Its objective is to promote rigorous empirical research on Indian economic policy with commissioned papers, an annual two-day conference leading to a volume, the India Policy Forum Volume published by SAGE,...   Read More

  • Innovations in Data Collection: The Chitwan Valley Family Study in Nepal

    The Chitwan Valley Family Study (CVFS) is an 18-year old, multi-level, panel study of communities, households, and individuals based on multi-mode, mixed-methods data collection built around cutting-edge, computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) and mobile phone technologies. CVFS serves as a unique laboratory based at ISER-N for interdisciplinary social and economic research in the heterogeneous, high-mobility setting...   Read More

  • NCAER-IDS Conference: Undernutrition in India and Public Policy

    This conference organised by NCAER and Institute of Development Studies is a part of a collaborative project which explores the reasons as to why India's burgeoning growth rates have not translated into better nutrition outcomes for its people,. It aims to understand and shape the current policy process around the proposed National Food Security Act...   Read More

  • Inflation Volatility: How Much More Costly is it for Developing Countries?

    Scholars and policymakers have unanimously recognized the adverse economic and welfare consequences of inflation.   However, relatively less attention is given to inflation volatility and its consequences.  Inflation episodes are often more volatile (i.e. inflation fluctuates a lot) in emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) as compared to advanced countries. This stylized fact raises the...   Read More

  • Why So Few Women in Politics? Evidence from India

    Women remain severely under-represented in political institutions across the world. The International Political Science Association reports that as of January 2013 women representatives accounted for just over 20 percent of all parliamentarians in the world. Set against the just-completed largest election in the world in India, it is useful to ask why are there so...   Read More

  • The Changing Role of Community Colleges in the US: Possible Lessons for Higher Education in India

    At a seminar held at NCAER, Heather A McKay and Hal Salzman from Rutgers University spoke on “The Changing Role of Community Colleges in the US: Possible Lessons for Higher Education in India. Community colleges address a mid-level skill gap in the US economy, providing post-secondary technical skills and training for a broad range of...   Read More

  • NCAER Quarterly Review of the Economy

    NCAER presented the quarterly forecast of the major macroeconomic variables based on NCAER’s modelling work at this seminar held in its campus. NCAER's quarterly report titled “Quarterly Review of the Economy” was released on this occasion.

  • NCAER Quarterly Review of the Indian Economy 2013-14 and Forecast for 2014-15

    The QRE provides a comprehensive review of developments in the economy in the agriculture, industry, services, trade, finance, prices, public finance, and macroeconomic sectors. The reports also provide annual macroeconomic forecasts. A review of the economy is prepared each quarter and provided to the subscribers of the Review and to the media.