• State of the Economy Seminar April 2016

    NCAER's Quarterly Review of the Economy Quarter 3, 2015–16 The NCAER QRE team presented its quarterly review & forecast of the major macroeconomic variables based on NCAER’s modelling work. It included NCAER's observations, reviews and projections for 2016-17 covering various sectors including agriculture; industry and services; public finance, money; credit and finance; external sector as...   Read More

  • National Workshop on Indian Agricultural Outlook: the 2016 Rabi Season and Medium-term Prospects

    Battling extremes of drought and, unseasonal rains, complicated now by a warm winter, the Indian farmer had a difficult year in 2015 and his prospects are unlikely to improve in 2016. This has resulted in farmer distress and may lead to a decline in food-grain output in 2016 for the second straight year, says NCAER’s...   Read More

  • The World Bank’s India Development Update 2015: Fiscal Policy for Equitable Growth

    NCAER organised a seminar by Dr Frederico Gil Sander to discuss the World Bank’s recently released India Development Update 2015: Fiscal Policy for Equitable Growth. Dr Sander, World Bank’s Senior Country Economist presented an overview on the report which projects that India's GDP will grow by 7.5 percent in FY2015-16 and by 7.8 and 7.9 percent in...   Read More

  • Panel Discussion on Think Tanks in South Asia and Book Launch

    A book on managing Think Tanks by Raymond Struyk was released by NCAER and the Washington DC-based Results for Development Institute (R4D) whose research program on think tanks has yielded the book. This publication demonstrates that better management is possible, cost-effective, and can be highly rewarding.  It contains best practices, case studies, and strategies based on the experience...   Read More

  • Malcolm Adiseshiah Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2015-16

    The Review of Indian Economy presented by NCAER today, covered the performance of the economy during the first half of the current year (April- September 2015-16), and made projections for the later part of the year. Besides a stocktaking of the economy’s performance, the Review also included detailed discussions on key policy issues in form...   Read More

  • China and India: Pathways to a Common Asian Future

    NCAER hosted their Chinese guests from the China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) in a Dialogue on India and China: Pathways to a Common Asian Future. The dialogue was attended by Dr Yu Yongding, Academic Adviser at CF40 and Senior Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dr Huang Yiping, member of CF40’s Academic Committee and...   Read More

  • Release of New Research Study, “The Indian Steel Industry: Key Reforms for a Brighter Future”

    MAKE IN INDIA: HOW CAN INDIA HAVE A STRONG STEEL INDUSTRY? ‘Make in India’ cannot have its full impact without making steel in India. If the high, long-term potential of the steel industry in India is to be realized, the government must introduce a comprehensive program of reforms for the industry, according to a new...   Read More

  • India and Australia: Pathways to A Strong Trading Future

    A Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) between Australian and India is an opportunity for both countries to grow and prosper in the coming decades with aligned economic and trade interests. The CECA negotiations, which are currently underway, aim at liberalising trade in goods and services besides creating a level-playing field to boost investments. Also, other...   Read More

  • Dialogue on Land, Conflict and Investment Risks in India

    Unclear Property Rights and Records put Investment in India's Manufacturing and Infrastructure Sectors, and its Financial Sector at Risk With over 93% of natural resource development in emerging economies at risk for land conflict, the global land investment experience has key lessons for India India’s growing energy, industry, and development needs require a substantial transformation...   Read More

  • State of the Economy Seminar August 2015

    NCAER’s annual model predicts that GDP growth rate (GDP market prices at 2011–12 prices) will grow at 7.5 per cent for 2015–16. NCAER Team presented the Quarterly Review of the Economy at a seminar held on August 18, 2015. The review covers the performance of the Economy in the first quarter of 2015-16 and forecast...   Read More

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