Economies around the world face the challenge of balancing growth with environmental concerns. NCAER has done significant work in analyzing the relationship between agriculture and environment in India.
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Rajesh Chadha

Rajesh Chadha is a Senior Research Counsellor specialising in international trade, foreign direct investment, agricultural markets and competition and regulatory reforms. He is also the Managing Editor of Margin, NCAER’s flagship journal.  He has completed research projects sponsored by the governments of India, Australia and Britain and various international organisations.  He has more than 40 years’ experience of teaching and research at the University of Delhi and NCAER. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Universities of Michigan, Melbourne and Monash. He received his PhD in Economics from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Sandhya Garg

Sandhya’s primary areas of research are Public Finance, Public Economics, and Applied Economic Analysis and she also has keen interest in Development and Environmental Economics. Her current research focuses on Study of Public Finance of Indian States, where she studied the relative tax performance of Indian states. She has also worked on estimating the implication of federal transfers on fiscal equalization using tools of spatial econometrics. She holds an M. Phil. Degree in development studies and is pursuing Ph.D. at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai.

Laxmi Joshi

Laxmi Joshi is an Associate Fellow at NCAER with research interests in agriculture and rural development. She has worked on issues related to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, economic benefits of weather and marine services, air pollution issues in agriculture, India’s cotton revolution, and the national policy for farmers. Before NCAER, she worked at the National Commission on Farmers and the National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research. 

Sanjib Pohit

Sanjib Pohit is a Senior Fellow at NCAER. He is an experienced modeler in the area of trade and environment with 20 years of modelling experience. His domain of research experience includes science and technology policies, institutional economics, transport economics, input-output models, FDI, informal trade, automobile industry, and South Asian integration. Previously, he held position at CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies as Professor AcSIR & Senior Principal Scientist. He has served as members of several committees of Government of India including climate Change Modelling group of Ministry of Environment & Forests. He was educated at Indian Statistical Institute. 
Prerna Prabhakar

Prerna’s primary area of research is International Economics and related issues. Her current research focuses on trade, primarily, the linkages between trade & environment and regional trade integration for a set of developing countries. This involves empirically examining the possibility of carbon leakage phenomenon for the South Asian economies; evaluating the role of India’s Free Trade Agreements in determining its trade efficiency and assessing the role of regional integration in the ASEAN region during times of economic crisis. She received her M.Sc. Degree in Economics from TERI University and has recently submitted Ph.D. thesis at the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi.