Deepak Sanan

Deepak Sanan recently retired from the Indian Administrative Service, where he was attached to the state of Himachal Pradesh. He held senior positions in public finance, land governance, and the water and sanitation sectors at both the state and national levels. He also had significant tenures in the health, urban development and power sectors. Currently, he is an advisor for projects on water and sanitation and land governance at a number of institutions in India. He has been a Consultant with the World Bank, IFAD, DFID, IDS Sussex and AusAid. He has also served as the India Country Team Leader in the Water and Sanitation Program (South Asia) at the World Bank. 

Mr Sanan has been writing regularly on Centre-State relations, in particular, on creating incentives for more effective use of Central funds to overcome State budget constraints and improve governance. He has published extensively and presented papers on these issues at a number of conferences across India. Mr Sanan received his MA in Politics (IR) from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and BCom (Hons.) from Delhi University. 

K A Siddiqui

K.A. Siddiqui is a Senior Fellow at NCAER with a background in Input-Output Modelling, macroeconomics and large scale primary studies. He has developed a user-friendly dashboard using data of NCAER’s National Survey of Households on Income and Expenditure. In the past, he has worked on various studies related to Tourism Satellite Account, Social Accounting Matrix, Informal economy and labour market analysis.

Anika Kapoor Yadav

Anika Kapoor is the Research Program Specialist for the Land Policy Initiative at NCAER. She is a geographer from the Delhi School of Economics and an urban planner from the Delhi School of Planning and Architecture. Prior to joining NCAER, she worked as a Senior Planner at INTACH, Assistant Professor at Amity University, and as Manager, Urban Reforms and Infrastructure (Business Development & Project Management) at IPE Global Limited. Anika has received national awards including the Prof V.N Prasad Award, 2010, Prof T.J. Manickam award 2009-10, and Prof N.S. Saini Gold medal. She is pursuing PhD in Urban Planning and Governance.

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