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Assessment Study on Green Jobs Potential in India

The overall objective of this study is to develop a Green Sector Input-Output (IO) table for India for the year 2009-10 and derive the IO coefficient and Leontief matrix. The exercise will make use of output and employment multipliers of various “green” sectors in India (Wind Energy, Watershed Development, Forestry & Environment and Metro Rail Services) to analyse the growth and employment potential of such sectors. Further, simulations analysis will evaluate the investments required in each sector to facilitate certain levels of growth and employment in these sectors.

NCAER Project Team:
Anushree Sinha, Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, Avantika Prabhakar, Kalicharan Shukla, Yashpal

External Team:
A.C. Kulshreshtha

Sponsored by:
International Labour Organisation, New Delhi

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