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Agricultural Diagnostic for Bihar State of India

This NCAER study is aimed at undertaking a diagnostic of the agricultural sector to help inform and operationalise the Government of Bihar vision for agriculture in the next 5 years. The study will (a) assess the drivers of agricultural productivity and growth in Bihar; (b) assess and rank the obstacles to inclusive growth; (c) identify actions to increase this sector’s productivity and promote inclusive growth to help this sector move to a sustained higher-growth path. The policy recommendations of this diagnostic will help policy makers, donors and other stakeholders to the success of Bihar’s agricultural sector enhance the decisions they make on policies and programmes to deliver inclusive growth of this sector and greater food security for the state of Bihar. Aligned with the Bihar Agriculture Road Map of the Government of Bihar, the purpose of this study is also to develop practical, evidence-based policy options to support sustainable growth in this sector.  

NCAER Project Team:
Sanjib Pohit, R.K.P. Singh, Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Lavanya Sayal

Sponsored by:
Department for International Development, UK



Blogs on this ongoing study are available as attachments below.