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Kerala Perspective Plan 2030

The Kerala Perspective Plan 2030 (KPP) is a State Board of Planning initiative that will serve as the basis for implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at fostering sustained growth of the economy. These initiatives will facilitate the Kerala economy to leapfrog and catch up with high income countries. It is organised into three volumes. While Volume I focuses on the broad macro-economic strategy, Volume II covers major economic sectors (agriculture and allied sectors, ICT, industry and tourism), utilities (energy and water) and infrastructure (urbanisation, transport and road, and rural development) of the economy. Finally, Volume III spread over 8 chapters focuses on cross cutting themes. These initiatives will facilitate the Kerala economy to leapfrog into catching up with high income countries.

NCAER Project Team:
Aradhna Aggarwal, Bornali Bhandari, Sohini Paul, Purna Chandra Parida, Devender Pratap

External Team:
Ramesh Chand (NCAP) and Ram Gopal Agarwala (RIS), Sanjib Pohit (National Institute of Science, Technology and Development), Debolina Kundu (National Institute of Urban Affairs), P. Shinoj and Suresh Kurup (both from National Council of Agricultural Policy), Zakir Hussain (Institute of Economic Growth), Kaushik Deb (BP) and Ankush Agarwal (Institute of Economic Growth)

Sponsored by:
Kerala State Planning Board