Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in India: 2011-2018
February 17, 2020
NCAER hosted a seminar by Dr Surjit S. Bhalla, Executive Director for India, Nepal and Bhutan at the International Monetary Fund, based on his joint paper with Karan Bhasin and Arvind Virmani, “Poverty, Inequality and Growth in India: 2011/12-2017/18.” Dr Sudipto Mundle, Distinguished Senior Fellow at NCAER, was the discussant. The seminar was attended by members of the NCAER Research Team, and invited guests from various eminent institutions across Delhi.

Impact of SEZs on Poverty and Human Well-being in Undivided Andhra Pradesh
January 19, 2018
On Friday, January 19, 2018, NCAER invited Aradhna Aggarwal, Chair Professor, Indian Studies, Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School and held a lecture, “Impact of SEZs on Poverty and Human Well-being in Undivided Andhra Pradesh”. Nilotpal Goswami, Director General, CAG was the discussant for the seminar.

Report on "MGNREGA: A Catalyst for Rural Transformation"
August 12, 2015
MGNREGA: A Catalyst for Rural Transformation, a report published by NCAER and University of Maryland was released at a function held at the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi today.

The 2013 India Policy Forum and 10th Anniversary Celebrations
July 16, 2013
The annual India Policy Forum (IPF) conference was held from 15 -17 July. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the conference also hosted a lecture titled ‘India: The Way Forward’ by Dr Raghuram Rajan, Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India.

Human Development in India: Evidence from IHDS
June 20, 2013
This workshop organised by NCAER in partnership with University of Maryland brought together researchers using IHDS-I data in India and overseas. This is the first household survey in India to have a full spectrum of health, education, economic, family, and gender modules for both urban and rural samples.

Gender-Inclusive Macroeconomic Policy Management
May 3, 2013
This one day workshop co –organised by NCAER and UNDP presented findings from NCAER’s Initiative on Gender-Inclusive Macroeconomic Policy Management which forms part of the UNDP’s Grant Agreement Project, “Policy and Advocacy”.