Quarterly Review of the Economy, 2021-22:Q1
June 25, 2021
The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic—significantly more virulent than the first wave—has completely disrupted the economic recovery process after the first wave. India's growth prospects in 2021-22 will depend on a host of factors which will determine how quickly India recovers from the impact of the second wave of the pandemic.

The 15th 5-Institute Budget Seminar: The COVID-19 Budget: Unpacking the Union Budget 2021-22
February 8, 2021
The Union Budget 2021-22 was presented in Parliament on February 1, 2021 by the Minister of Finance, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman. All eyes have been on this COVID-19 Budget as the race between the virus and the vaccine quickens against the backdrop of the worst economic downturn in independent India’s history and the worst the global economy has seen in a century.

The 9th NCAER C. D. Deshmukh Lecture 2021
January 28, 2021
On Thursday, January 28, 2021, NCAER hosted Dr Gita Gopinath, the IMF’s Chief Economist, as she delivered the C. D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture at NCAER talking about the global economic outlook for 2021 in a world shaken by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and now slowly recovering.

The NCAER 2020–21 Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy
December 21, 2020
NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research, presented the 2020-21 Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy on December 21, 2020, in cooperation with the India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi. The NCAER Mid-Year Review (MYR) carries on the tradition started by Dr Malcolm Adisheshiah at the IIC in 1976. The NCAER macro team led by NCAER Distinguished Fellow Sudipto Mundle presented its latest analysis of the economic situation and its growth forecasts to an audience of policymakers, analysts, and others. More than 270 participants registered for the webinar which was also live streamed.

NCAER's Quarterly Review of the Economy, Q2:2020-21
September 25, 2020
As India’s Covid-19 case count crosses five-million and its daily new positive cases came close to a lakh on September 11, the virus is deepening its impact on the daily lives of people and on the economy. India’s cumulative caseload has now become the world’s second-largest. At the same time, many feel that there is no choice but to prioritise reopening the economy and accept the risk of surging infections.

The India Policy Forum 2020
July 16, 2020
NCAER held the 17th India Policy Forum (IPF) virtually during July 13-16 2020, a first for the conference. The IPF is organized by NCAER under the guidance of NCAER Director General Dr Shekhar Shah, who is assisted by his IPF co-editors, Dr Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C., and Professor Karthik Muralidharan, Tata Chancellor's Professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego. Arvind Subramanian, former Chief Economic Adviser for India, has called the IPF “the leading economic policy event in the summer season of Delhi.”

JUNE UPDATE: Quarterly Review of the Economy, 2020-21:Q1 in Coronavirus times
June 25, 2020
India is reopening its economy even as infections surge. The cost of remaining closed has proved to be just too great. From one of the most stringent lockdowns in the world imposed at short notice in March when India had registered some 500 positive cases, the country is rapidly easing restrictions when the peak still seems far and total infections to date have crossed well beyond the 400,000 mark and are growing.

The 8th NCAER C. D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2020
February 13, 2020
Dr David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund delivered NCAER’s 8th C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture. Held in NCAER’s new, world-class, T2 Conference Centre, the Lecture was attended by a distinguished audience including economists, civil servants, prominent media persons, industry analysts, and students

Release of NCAER-State Investment Potential Index: The 2018 N-SIPI
August 3, 2018
NCAER released the State Investment Potential Index (N-SIPI 2018) at a workshop inaugurated by Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). Covering 20 States and Delhi, this is the third edition of the annual N-SIPI released by NCAER that ranks states’ on their competitiveness in business and their investment climate.

Mid-Year Review of the Economy 2017-18
November 11, 2017
In a long standing partnership with the India International Centre, NCAER released its 2017-18 Mid-year Review (MYR) of the Indian Economy, at the India International Centre, New Delhi. The MYR presents the most comprehensive, independent assessment of the Indian economy.

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