Input Output Transactions Table 2017-18 Himachal Pradesh

Input-Output Transactions Table (IOTT) is the matrix representation of a nation’s or a region’s economy, and is used to analyse the inter-industry relations therein, depicting how the output of one industry is used as input in other industries, thereby making each industry dependent on other industries both as an user and as a supplier. It, therefore, is the depiction of all monetary transactions that take place among the production sectors (industries in the case of industry approach and commodities in the case of commodity approach) and also with the final users. The construction of an IOTT starts with the preparation of two of its key pre-requisite matrices, that is, Supply Table and Use Table. The present study prepares these matrices first and then converts these into IOTT for the state of Himachal Pradesh, which makes this study the first of its kind for any state in India.

Poonam MunjalK A SiddiquiDevender PratapPalash BaruahAsrar Alam
Jul 2022

Industry, Macroeconomics