NLPI Project Brief Nov 2021

The NCAER Land Records and Services Index (N-LRSI) has been prepared to measure the actual extent of digitisation of land records and the registration process against the achievement reflected on the website of the Department of Land Resources, Government of India. The N-LRSI also seeks to gauge the improvements in basic land record-related services and in the creation of a more up-to-date and accurate record, which have accompanied this digitisation.


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Deepak SananD B GuptaShashanka Bhide,  Somnath Sen,  Charu Jain,  Aswani Munnangi, Prerna Prabhakar,  Anika Kapoor Yadav,  Apoorva, Arundhati Sharma, Chandni Mishra, Disha Saxena,  Falak Naz,  Rupal Taneja, Vijay Singh Bangari
Oct 2021