States Need to Expedite Action Plans for Improving the Quality of Land Records and Services

The Land Policy Initiative at NCAER (N-LPI) is bringing out its second policy brief on ‘States Need to Expedite Action Plans for Improving Quality of Land Records & Services’ based on the work done on Land Records and Services Index. The latest round of N-LRSI 2021 shows that while there has been considerable progress by States/UTs in digitising their land records and the registration process, the improvements on quality of the land records has lagged behind. In order to achieve the goal of making land records available to all and enhancing transparency in their maintenance and preventing property frauds, in addition to digitisation of land records, it is equally important to improve the quality of the land records. In this context, this policy brief focuses on the issue of quality of land records as brought out by the N-LRSI reports, highlighting both the gaps and the possible actions to improve the position. The analysis may help States/ UTs in in formulating action plans to attain the goal of accurate and comprehensive land records that mirror the ‘on- the- ground’ situation.

Charu JainDeepak Sanan,  Somnath Sen
Oct 2021