Health Satellite Account 2017-18, Himachal Pradesh

Health expenditure is one of the two significant social expenditures, other being education, for an economy. In India, public expenditure on health is incurred by central government as well as state and local governments, with state being the primary provider of both finances and healthcare facilities. Additionally, households end up spending a notable amount on direct healthcare expenditure and also on indirect expenditure such as payments towards health insurance schemes. In this context, Health Satellite Account assumes great significance as it provides the information on financial flows related to healthcare in a systematic framework. This framework, based on the internationally accepted System of Health Accounts (SHA-2011), provides a standard for classifying health expenditures according to consumption, provisions and financing. The present study, undertaken by NCAER uses the methodological framework of the SHA-2011 to prepare the first Health Satellite Account for the state of Himachal Pradesh. This study also draws its methodology from the National Health Accounts–Guidelines for India, 2016, prepared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Poonam MunjalPalash BaruahAsrar Alam,  Elizabeth Lyn, Animesh Sharma, Rahat Hasan Khan
Oct 2021