Education Satellite Account 2017-18, Himachal Pradesh

Education Satellite Account typically presents the financial flows within the domain of education, and is organised into a set of activities and products across various levels of education. These financial flows are presented for the two types of economic agents, that is, financing units and producing units. It provides a report card on the financial health of education and is instrumental in policy-making and offers answers to questions on whether the resources allocated in education are being equitably and effectively distributed. It enables the policy-makers to allocate funds to the disadvantaged groups if there is disparity in the distribution of resources. This study by NCAER has been undertaken to prepare the first Education Satellite Account for Himachal Pradesh. Based on the methodology delineated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this study adopts the internationally accepted framework of ESA tables and accounts.

Poonam MunjalK A SiddiquiAsrar AlamGargi Pal,  Sonal Jain
Oct 2021