Infrastructure in India: Investment Priorities, Opportunities and Key Challenges

This approach paper was written on behalf of Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office. It provides a novel methodological framework to evaluate prioritization of infrastructure projects. Given scarce resources available for investments, which infrastructure project should get prioritized first, remains a key question for policymakers. In this report, we develop an idea to compute a novel index comprising of 70 indicators spread across 9 pillars. This index can provide a score to different infrastructure projects and, thus, can serve as a tool for policymakers to understand how best to allocate resources to attain multiple needs that various infrastructure assets serve. The approach paper also highlights infrastructure needs of the country and devotes attention to land policies. 

Indira Iyer,  Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Samarth Gupta, Shayequa Zeenat Ali, Madhura Dasgupta, Devyani Chaturvedi, Rishabh Singh
Mar 2021