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The Journal of Applied Economic Research (JAER) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, international journal published by NCAER in New Delhi in conjunction with SAGE International.  JAER publishes papers that pay special attention to the economics of emerging economies, but is open to high-quality papers from all fields of applied economics.



Volume 15 Issue 2, May 2021



  • Interrelationship Among Competition, Diversification and Liquidity Creation: Evidence from Indian Banks
    by Pankaj Sinha and Naina Grover

  • Causal Nexus Between Liquidity Creation and Bank Capital Ratio: Evidence from India
    by Seba Mohanty and Jitendra Mahakud

  • Turkish Housing Market Dynamics: An Estimated DSGE Model
    by Mustafa Ozan Yıldırım and Mehmet İvrendi

  • Does Food Price Subsidy Affect Dietary Diversity? Evidence from South India
    by Umanath Malaiarasan, R. Paramasivam and K. Thomas Felix


Anil K Sharma

Managing Editor:
Sanjib Pohit
Anuradha Bhasin  

Editorial Board:
Shankar Acharya, Kanchan Chopra, Sonalde Desai, Mahendra Dev, Andrew Foster, Kaliappa Kalirajan , Deepak Lal, Sudipto Mundle, Dilip Nachane, Arvind Panagariya, Vishwanath Pandit, Raghuram Rajan, M Govinda Rao, U Shankar 


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Anil K SharmaSanjib Pohit,  Anuradha Bhasin
May 2021