Cluster Mapping Study of the Gems & Jewellery Sector in India •

Despite India’s status as a global leader in gems and jewellery (G&J), there is a lack of credible information on the number of clusters, units, and workers the industry employs. For policymakers to promote the sector and optimise its potential, it is imperative to identify key industry characteristics such as the regions specialising in specific G&J segments, the skills and technology used, supply chains, and the contribution to the economy. To fill this gap, the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) requested NCAER to evaluate the key industry characteristics, its competitiveness, and its employment potential. This study provides a comprehensive map of G&J clusters in each industry segment based on the number of units and workers. The NCAER team surveyed a total of 6,743 G&J units, 5,139 urban and 1,604 rural, in 19 Indian States for this study and also undertook a comprehensive workforce mapping exercise & an analysis of the skills and technology gaps in this sector.

K A SiddiquiPrabir Kumar GhoshPoonam MunjalShayequa Zeenat AliAsrar AlamPalash BaruahSundus UsmaniGargi Pal,  Animesh Sharma
Oct 2020