Evaluation of India's Tele-Law Scheme

This NCAER study evaluates the Tele-Law Scheme of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India that links rural citizens with urban lawyers using ICT. The study provides a number of important insights on the operation and impact of the scheme and proposes a set of recommendations, especially in view of the potential national rollout of the scheme. The Central Government is setting up a CSC in each Gram Panchayat, making a national rollout technically feasible. The question this study answers is how best to configure the technical and professional services under Tele-Law to make them more accessible in a meaningful way for the needy. The study highlights the need for strong, last-mile outreach and education about the scheme at the local level. It points to the need for increasing the number of empanelled lawyers, especially as demand rises, or as a national rollout is considered. The study recommends a strong, continuous, monitoring and evaluation for the Tele-Law Scheme so that problems and constraints can be addressed rapidly on both the human and technical fronts in this innovative scheme.

Sandhya Garg,  Sanjukta Das,  Namrata Ramachandran,  Madhura Dasgupta,  Jaskirat Singh Kohli
Jan 2020