The Impact of Parallel Imports of Books, Films / Music and Software on the Indian Economy with Special Reference to Students

This NCAER research study commissioned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development was undertaken with the primary objective of examining parallel import restrictions and outline the issues of concern for the producers of copyright material who import their own or their subsidiaries’ goods produced abroad, and equally important, to outline the concerns of the consumers of these products in India. The Study does a thorough job of exploring the economic logic underlying the concerns expressed on both sides of the parallel book import divide. It is the first comprehensive, evidence-based attempt at documenting and assessing the views of the stakeholders in favor of and against incorporation of the new proviso in a further amendment of India’s Copyright Act.

Rajesh Chadha, Anjali Tandon, Sourabh Bikas Paul, Roopali Aggarwal, Lekshmi R Nair, D. V. Sethi
Jan 2014