The Indian Steel Industry: Key Reforms for a Brighter Future

With a nearly 2 per cent of share of GDP and 16 per cent of the industrial sector, a healthy steel sector is vital for the Indian economy. This NCAER study finds that though the steel industry in India does have considerable potential, it is currently constrained not just by the well-known supply-side structural factors such as the availability of land, minerals, or environmental clearances, but also by demand deficits and several macroeconomic parameters. If the high potential of the steel industry in India is to be realised, the government and industry must work  together to remove these constraints.

Ramgopal Agarwala, Rajesh Chadha,  Charu Jain,  Jahnavi Prabhakar, Rohitash Chaudhary, S. Vijay Kumar
Sep 2015